Monday, July 31, 2006

A Refusal to Face Father Time.

"Age is a matter of mind and if you don't mind, it doesn't matter." - Mark Twain

Video in Play: Tom Waits, "I Don't Want To Grow Up" from Bone Machine.

I was thinking recently about how difficult it has been for many of us in Genertion X to let go of our childhoods. Many of us still watch cartoons (Spongebob Squarepants, Justice League, Samurai Jack, Futurama, etc) play games (RPGs, board games, PC and console games)and collect toys. Many of us are still carrying on the way we did when were in our early twenties, hanging out, drinking at home and going to shows. (because we still can't- or won't - afford bar booze) For all of us who just seem unable to let go, this song is our anthem.
Also, for my fellow Canadians, note the name of the show that this came from. Remember City Limits?


Blogger Geosomin said...

It's strange but true. I've noticed how a lot of my friends (and me often) without children often live as though we were still in college. I struggle all the time with the necessity to be mature and pay bills, work, go to bed early and all that stuff. It makes me feel like I'm old or I'm giving in to the necessities of life...and yet I am finding being older has given me so many things: love, a home, the confidence to be more creative and the $$ to occasionally feed that creativity. I think we are the generation that asked "why?" and didn't quite get the answers we wanted, so we're trying to muddle through the best we can. And the generations after us feel entitled to what we have (a dangerous way to think)and more and still have no answers, other than "because if you buy it it will make you beautiful and happy".
Strange...I noticed it when my brother and his wife were house shopping. They started out looking at all kinds of places, some big and what they "thought" they wanted - very chic and large. Then they found a cosy little house with just enough for them that was simple and beautiful and felt utterly content. They knew they had to get it...they realised it was what they really needed.
It's hard sometimes to know what we need. I often think that is why a lot of people are unhappy - they keep trying to fill a void with something that isn't the right thing. And the rest of the population knows what they need and can't get it...Hmmmmm

31 July, 2006 16:41  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

True, Magnus, although my childhood was rather warped (full disclosure in my Autobiography decades hence), so my time warp is a bit more selective (when I can choose to be).

Hey, you, you stole my YouTube idea! You! You! Pillager! Voleur!

I definitely remain in my twenties. Actually, a lot of people think I look like I'm twenty-something, too. I do wish I could have some of the jobs some twenty-somethings are getting. When I was in my twenties, I looked too young. Later, when they look at my resume, they will notice my birthday and think, oh, you're too old. People are shallow, aren't they?

Hey, admit it, Magnus, you are learning more about html, aren't you?

31 July, 2006 16:42  
Blogger Magnus said...

Geo: You can still be obsessed with or at least involved in your childhood and be responsible. You and Jay fall into the generational thing here... the games thing.
Thoth: I haven't learned anything new in html, YouTube just makes it easier to upload the video into the blog. I still need Trent's help with formatting.

31 July, 2006 16:52  

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