Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blog Filler

Current attire: 3 piece boiler suit with a bowler derby and fur wings. (Trent should know the reference)
Current mood: middling, I think? Not in a bad mood.
Current music: Bar Tarake, Sepideh. Kurdish music loaned to me by my Kurdish co-worker.
Current annoyance: People who play the racist card to try and get away with bad behaviour. People assuming that I am a member of the Aryan Brotherhood just because I am fair-skinned, blond and shaven headed. If white people bother you that much, then you should have stayed in Iran. Didn't like it there? The shut up, stop behaving like a 3 year old and make the effort to be agreeable. It's not because you are brown that I don't like you, it's because you are an asshole.
What else... blisters on my feet.
Current thing: Nursing my feet.
Current Song in my head: The one currently playing on the Beeb's Doctor Who Website.
Current game in the hard drive: Civ III. Really want Civ IV but need to upgrade the ol' computer first.
Current DVD in player: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Current refreshment: Coffee. See, coffee is brown and I like that just fine.
Current worry: Getting back to university and getting the teaching certificate. Also need to look into volunteering somewhere with the age groups I am looking to work with. Trent's father-in-law recommended the Scouts, but that isn't my thing. He stated that working with inner city kids might turn me off, but if the job I have now hasn't made me reconsider... Not really worried about any of this though, just a bit pre-occupied in the back o' the brain.
Current thought: Thought No. 1. Thought No. 2. Thought No. 3. (find the play buttom and hit it - only broadband users in the UK get the full screen)


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Quiet you!

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