Tuesday, July 18, 2006

RIP, Syd Barrett: January 6, 1946 – July 7, 2006

CD in Play: Pink Floyd, Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

** Updated, see below **
Syd Barrett died on the 7th of this month of a diabetes related illness. Other people have written about Barrett, the former front man and co-founder of Pink Floyd with three solo albums to his name, so I will just post some links.

- Wikipedia's entry on Barrett.
- A story from 2002 in The Observer about Barrett.
- The Observer's Obituary.
- The Beeb's Article and Obituary.
- BBC article by Joe Boyd, author of White Bicycles.
- And CBC's Article.

Overkill? Yeah, but what the hell... Pink Floyd has always been a favouite of mine and Syd deserves no less.

** Decided to update this entry with some links to YouTube for Syd Clips.
Televised Syd Obituary and No.2
Jugband Blues
Astronomy Domine and AD pt 2
Apples and Oranges
Corporal Clegg (actually, Syd is probably not in this one)
Arnold Layne
BBC Look of the Week (interview with Roger Waters and Roger "Syd" Barrett)
Lucifer Sam (fan video edited to the period)
Interstellar Overdrive - The UFO Club (crap sound but cool footage


Blogger Peter T Chattaway said...

Apparently, by sheer coincidence, footage of Syd Barrett and The Pink Floyd will be screened at the Pacific Cinematheque this weekend as part of their Peter Whitehead retrospective. I can get us in for free -- wanna see 'em?

12 July, 2006 01:52  
Blogger Magnus said...

I may have seen this before, but would love to see it again. Alas I work from 5pm until 1am and cannot book the day off.

12 July, 2006 02:21  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Long time no bloggee!

I guess I've flagged your blog enough times that you've finally quit! ROFL

24 July, 2006 09:03  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Stop walking your pet squirrel and blog!

25 July, 2006 07:38  
Blogger Magnus said...

"Long time no bloggee!"

You have been in Taiwan far too long.
Truthfully, it has just been too damned hot to sit here and type these past few days. Seriously. I had mild heat stroke after a shift outdoors on Sunday and spent quite a bit of yesterday recovering.

25 July, 2006 13:50  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Well, stay in air conditioned places as much as you can, man.

Here, in Taiwan, almost every place is air conditioned. Even outdoor cafes! It's sick. You can see where the ozone layer is over Taiwan - there is none! Seriously, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and in Japan, at least from what I've heard about the latter, you walk down a block and blocks and you feel a chilly draft in the plus 36 degree heat. What's wrong with that picture.

Well, for one, if you want to stay cool, you shouldn't be heating up the environment at an alarming rate with your air conditioners.

I have an air conditioer in my room
We are responsible. My manager tells us (in no uncertain terms, a message from his father, the owner) that we must do this) to turn it off when we leave. And lately I don't turn it down to 18 degree in a turn of nostalgia for Canadian freeze, but keep it at about 20.

You need it. It's hot here 365 days a year. Okay, except for the 50 days of winter, in which 10 degrees feels like you are going to freeze to death.

25 July, 2006 23:12  
Anonymous Malcolm said...

I thought there were CFC free air conditioners out there - ones that don't kill the ozone.

27 July, 2006 09:25  

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