Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Privateers A-Hoy!

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priva·ti·zation (n): The conversion of a public enterprise to a private enterprise. For example, a government-owned railroad or airline may undergo privatization if ownership shares of the enterprise are sold to individual and institutional investors.

pri·va·teer (n) 1: an officer or crew member of a privateer [syn: privateersman] 2: a privately owned warship commissioned to prey on the commercial shipping or warships of an enemy nation. The commander or one of the crew of such a ship. 3: (my own definition) privately owned politicians commissioned to prey upon and destroy public institutions on the behalf of big business.

I firmly believe that the BC Liberals and their ilk would like to destroy Public Education. BC schools are overcrowded and underfunded. The Social Credit governments did not believe in education and the NDP did nothing to remedy the slashings and gouges endured by the system in the SoCred years. People are beginning to get fed up and looking into home schooling (not the best option, in my opinion) or sending their kids to private schools. (provided they can afford it)

Watching Democracy Now! earlier sent a chill up my spine. What happens in the United States often happens up here, slowly. DN ran a story on how the Louisiana State government has permanently shut down public schools and diverted funding for education into charter private schools. (See link here) New Orleans is effectively being "bleached" white and upper middle class. HUD (the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) has stated that it is shutting down numerous public housing projects due to mold and dry rot - which it blames on Hurricane Katrina but have been, in fact, long standing problems that HUD had apparently been refusing to tackle or acknowlege in the past.
This is a disgusting situation. The mainstream media seems unwilling to present the story, so the plight of thousands upon thousands of poor people goes unoticed as they are kicked around by the National Guard and systematically abondoned and betrayed by the people above them.
Canadians should sit up and take note of this, because this is not the sort of thing the Stephen Harpers, Ralph Kleins and Gordon Campbells of this country would disapprove of. These are our services - they are here for us. Most of us, especially if you are part of my generation, are not as well-off as our parents and cannot actually afford to abandon public services for the more costly private services.
Take a bite out of piracy and stand up for your rights now.


Anonymous a.b. said...

You are sort of paranoid, aren't you?

15 July, 2006 12:31  
Blogger Magnus said...

You link to the Drudge Report and call me paranoid?

16 July, 2006 02:20  

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