Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whatever these things actually are, it is one of these things yet again

iPodery: Going from A to Z, everything in order.

Current Location: The Saskatoon Public Library. I decided that not getting cable would have been a prudent idea, until I can secure more hours after my probation period ended. It was a smart decision. As such, I am dependent upon the Library for internet. (I can't always hope to use Geo and J's) Normal crowd today, but there is often an annoying crowd of "Special Eds" and "bo-bo's" who hand around here all day switching from computer to computer and acting thoroughly annoying.

Current Attire: Heavy black jacket, black sweater, jeans, Salomon boots, OP gloves and balaclava and my CBC Radio 3 toque.

Current DVD in the Player: The Wire. Elijah mentioned this series to me. Takes place in Baltimore and is in the same vein as (and has creative personel ties to ) Homicide: Life on the Street. Given that it is an HBO show, it has a freer hand to explore themes and ditch certain television conventions that would be expected on traditional television network shows.

Current Book: It should be Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, but I have been having a hard time starting it. Don't know why, just am. Instead I have been reading An Instinct for Dragons by David E. Jones. Jones argues that the basis for dragons comes not from the dinosaur fossils - as the legends of dragons predate such discoveries and are far too pervasive across the globe - but an amalgamation of the three main predators early hominids would have had: the eagle, the snake and the great cats.

Current Song in my Head: "Everybody has got something to hide, except me and my monkey" by the Beatles. And not just because it is coming up soon on my iPod.

Current Annoyance: The astonishing ignorance Canadians have about the basic tennents of our system of government. We are not living in the United States, folks. It is a Westminster style parliament. Look it up.


Anonymous Gavin said...

It's also amazing how many Americans don't even know much about how their own republican form of democracy works, let alone Canadians not knowing the difference between a republic and Westminster system of government.

19 December, 2008 17:03  
Blogger Magnus said...

Very true.

21 December, 2008 13:48  

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