Saturday, December 13, 2008


iPodery: Tragically Hip, Day for Night

It is about -32 Celsius outside and I have bought my first balaclava. It be cold. I have a headache and am about to return home to watch The Wire.

Geo and J, by the way, are the best. They bought me dinner and they snagged me cold cuts, buns and macaroni salad. Geo also briought me squash soup. They rock. Thanks guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Geo and J - your hearts
are gold.


13 December, 2008 12:18  
Blogger Geosomin said...

No problem meladdo...I've been there...know how it helps.
Turns out I have cookies for you too.
My mad experiment at eggnog cookies is a success!! Bwaha!

15 December, 2008 08:28  
Blogger Geosomin said...

Just gets colder.
Like today. -44 with the wind.


15 December, 2008 08:29  
Blogger Magnus said...

That means it only takes 5-7 minutes for exposed flesh to get frostbitten my kiddles and bits - so bundle up.

15 December, 2008 13:30  
Blogger Glen McKay said...

I know what you mean about winter, I've had to put on a light jacket here. :P

18 December, 2008 03:54  
Blogger Magnus said...

Yeah, but you still have to worry about hperthermia.

21 December, 2008 13:45  

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