Thursday, October 30, 2008


On the iPod: Pelican, Australasia

Despite the title of this post, things are going good overall here in Saskatoon. I am just becoming quite aware of the politics at work and with the Health Region as a whole. I am making it a policy to try and stay out of it as much as possible - the overwhelming majority of it has nothing to do with me anyway. Where workplace politics is hitting home is with one of the people training me. He dislikes our superiors and has been reticent to train me as he is reticent to do anything they ask him to do. He isn't the bad a guy actually, but it is bit like being a little kid who is caught in the middle of a spat between his resentful older brother and their parents who expect the older brother to take some responsibility for the youngest member of the family. I won't say more, but that is just one thing I am quickly getting tired of. I have been jacked around a fair amount on the job front most of my adult life for no particular reasons and I am getting sick of it. If I get jacked out of this job because of someone's personal and childish vendetta - I am not going to take it well at all.
As for school, we are moving on from Lithography into Serigraphy. (Silk Screening) Lithography is a frustrating process since what you draw on the plate may not be exactly what comes out on the paper. I've only just scratched the surface of the possibilities with this medium, but I will be happy to be moving on.


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