Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tagged Like an Animal

On das iPod: The Beatles, Goldfrapp, Isis, The Beastie Boys, Mogwai, Wilco, Holy Fuck, Neurosis, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd.

Geosomin has tagged me as she was tagged by Pacian. The rules of this little chain are thus: "The Kreativ Blog award rules are: Link to the person who tagged you. (done) Post the rules on your blog: Write 6 random things about yourself. Tag 6 people and let each of them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Go back to the awarder and let them know that your entry is up."
And so...

1. I work as an autopsy technician, am not bothered by the gore that my job entails - but despise "slasher" flicks like Saw, Friday the 13th, Hostel, ad nauseam. Such films are more accurately described as torture porn and I have no interest in them. Interesting how some people assume that I would be into these films, wondering if these films are what desensitized me enough to do my job. I would counter that maturity, life experience and the perspective that comes with age allowed me to me job. I wouldn't hire on a person for my job if they were into torture porn. I can't tell you exactly why I am able to do the job that I do, I just am.

2. I practice accents when no one is around. I don't act anymore and there are no commercial outlets for my talents, but I am obsessed with developing an array of British Isles accents. The "Northern" accents (Manchester, Leeds, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Sheffield are the hardest I have found - they also cut into my Scottish accent. (which is becoming more decidedly Aberdonian I have been told) Why do I spend private time doing this? Pure enjoyment.

3. I view myself as a Vancouverite/Lower Mainlander first, British Columbian second and Canadian third. My home region and I may not get along, but I have a peculiar sense of fidelity to it. I almost feel guilty leaving it in some ways.

4. I have a reoccurring dream since the age of eleven where I am forced into playing the role of Prometheus. The dream usually entails that a group of people I know (often some of the people in my Grade 6 class still figure into the dream) are placed into the roles of Greek gods. The monastery in Mission BC becomes Mount Olympus. I am always cast in the role of Prometheus and I usually spend my time thwarting the other "gods" and decrying our so-called divinity.

5. I am in incredible procrastinator. In fact I have been thinking it is time to see someone about the problem. I suppose I will get around to it, eventually.

6. Talent and intelligence are aphrodisiacs. There are many things that will attract me to a woman, but talent is something that seals the attraction. Hidden talent or unrealised talent have much the same effect. This especially true of artistically gifted women. Not that I am attracted every artistically talented woman I have ever met, mind you.
A friend, Blair, once write that "stupid people are ugly" and he is right. Intelligence, particularly assertive intelligence play a big part in attraction. One woman I was very interested in caught my eyes, ears and every other sense in my body just by asking "why", by doggedly pursuing a line of inquiry and not letting me get away with easy answers. She questioned me until I had to say "I don't know" and the attraction was sealed.
Banality is a great way of making me uninterested. Be like everyone else, desire nothing but what you are "supposed" to have, do nothing, think nothing interesting and you have lost me.

I don't have a great many friends on the blogosphere and two have already been tagged by Geo. So I tag Thoth and I tag Glenn and anyone interested enough to pursue this chain. If need be, respond in my comments if you lack a blog of your own.


Blogger Glen McKay said...

According to the rules you tag by leaving a comment on their blog.

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