Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Christmas Spirit in Action and Other Observations

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Christmas Spirit in the Classroom

I am having some financial troubles here on the wind blasted Prairie. The move has proved more expensive than anticipated and I had a couple of stupid moments for sure. So I was faced with not being able to attend the second half of my printing class - which I have been doing quite well at. My final lithography project garnered 91%, which is pretty good for a process I have learned to revile. (traditional litho, I have yet to the other forms) Anyhow, I mentioned to my prof that I may not be able to attend the class next semester and he told me to attend no matter what. I won't get a grade but I will get to learn serigraphy and intaglio.
I have a classmate who is part of the Charismatic movement - a denomination within Christendom I have many reservations about. He's been praying for the situation and I will admit it is looking a bit brighter than it did prior to this week.

Stephen Harper and the Coup D'état

So Little Stevie Harper wants to hamstring the other parties by impeding their ability to get funding (without hurting the ability of the Conservatives to fund raise as I understand it right now and now he is shocked to discover that they are trying to form a coalition to take power away from him. Big surprise. I do find it funny, though, that he would talk about it being undemocratic: especially given his strong autocratic bent and suspicions of the democratic impulse. (read Preston Manning's book) As far as I know the Opposition parties aren't doing anything that violates Canadian Law, so all the more power to them.
Harper has no one to blame but himself. He has behaved in an undemocratic manner since taking power and has no moral standing to decry the current situation. Had Stephen Harper actually stuck by what he pledged during his victory speech and played nicely with the other children - he would probably be in a different position than he is today. But Little Stevie is a bully who doesn't play nicely and doesn't like to play with others unless they do what he says to do.
Look at Harper's actions since taking office and tell me you don't see an autocrat in the same vein as Jean Chretien. Canadians really don't have many options and I think a coalition that works together is the best thing for us as a nation. And again, for all the Conservatives who are voting for Harper because you hope he will abolish abortion and outlaw gay marriage: don't hold your breath, it is never going to happen. He may go through the motions, but he will never follow through. Get over it and move on.


Anonymous Gavin said...

And now, in case you don't know yet, Harper has prorogued parliament. He has to be some kind of a hypocrite if he wants to complain about the other parties being undemocratic.

04 December, 2008 16:51  
Blogger Magnus said...

He also wanted to dispense with the office of the Governor General as I recall, which only compounds his hypocrisy.
My Dad says that the coalition is taking a beating back in BC, it is a bit more mixed here. People need to be reminded just what Harper and his lot are all about. People need to be reminded about the content of Harper's acceptance speech two years ago and just much he failed to live up to his own rhetoric.
Broadbent has also pointed out that when the Bloc had been propping up his Government, Harper had no problem with them. Now that they are supporting the coalition, (and given his loses in Quebec) they are in league with Satan.

05 December, 2008 20:38  

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