Sunday, August 03, 2008

Anatomy of a Perogie

Film Playing: The Candidate

So Geo is baking up a storm in preparations for her holidays. She and J are taking off to the Kootneys for an event called Shambala. There are Saskatoon berry muffins, cookie bars, granola bars and cram. (bacon, cheese and onion muffins) There is a whole assortment of mind blowingly tasty baked goods going on. Anyhow, we also managed to squeeze in our own perogies.
I picked up some pointers at the perogie plant and took the opportunity to to experiment. I may try and sell these at a farmer's market sometime, they turned out really well. Heather's filling was potato based and featured cheese, onion and a spicy ham. The first of mine was a mix of three cheeses and garlic and the other was meat, cheese and herbs. All turned out well. I need to work on a tomato sauce for these - something light and fine. I also have ideas for cabbage rolls with a Spanish and Moroccan flavour.


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