Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oi Gevald!

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Applying for a job with the Health Region is a bit like trying to convert to Judaism or trying to get a Rabbi's permission to study the Kabbalah, a waiting game. (or so I have been told by Elijah) I have been bidding my time waiting for word about my second interview for a job at City Hospital. This week I received news that I would get my second interview on this coming Monday. Good news! I let my current employer know that I would be gone Monday to do the interview. It made me happy as the current job isn't one I'd want to do for any length of time. Very tiring and awkward to get to. However, I just received an email stating that the interview would have to be forestalled to the middle of August. Most frustrating.
The pay for this job is much better - $17.00 and hour vs. $9.50 an hour. The job is psychologically tougher, certainly grimmer but much more stimulating and interesting for a person like myself. One week in to my current job and I am looking for a way out. The people (employer included) there are great, but it is just a grind. Anyhow, I am just disappointed. Good employment has just never seemed to come easily.


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