Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oh... Go Pinch a Perogie!

CD in Play: Carbon Dating Service, eponymous.

So I landed a job today. My usual cautions still hold and I will not mention the name of the place where I will be working, (this blog is searchable) but it is in a handmade, family owned pirogi place. There are no machines - everything is done by hand. No additives or preservatives. They also make cabbage rolls and have a restaurant. It doesn't pay that well, but I need to get a cash flow going now.
The guy who interviewed me was very cool and realistic. He realizes I'll be keeping my eyes open for better paying work and that isn't a big deal to him. I am excited, it looks like a good place to be. (I bought a bag of Saskatoon berry pirogis)
I interviewed for a different job yesterday but I couldn't tell what the people were expecting or how it went. The woman seemed okay, (and only just okay) but the guy seemed to loose interest after he asked me why I would move from Vancouver to Saskatoon. He seemed quite incredulous that anyone would do that. But with his sunbed tan and Hawaiian shirt, maybe I shouldn't be too surprised? There was an implication in his voice that I may have screwed up, not been able to cope with the big city. Whatever, I hope they don't call back. They pay 40 cents an hour more and seem like complete dips.
Still, the Health Region job would have been great - if only it were full time.


Blogger Geosomin said...

Mmmmm....saskatoon perogies.

I've eben thinking about them all day

10 July, 2008 14:10  

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