Thursday, July 03, 2008

Impressions of Saskatoon

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So Far...

I am impressed by Saskatoon. It has its ugly areas to be sure - my Dad and I drove through them on our way in and around town. There some areas that are too ugly to believe. However, where Geo and J are is really nice and the city east of Idlewylde is quite nice. The area along the river is beautiful. The people here are really friendly and I have even had good experiences dealing with the bank.
Saskatoon may not have the amenities that Vancouver has, but it is not as bad as most Vancouverites might assume. There are good restaurants to be had and some quality shops to buy from. HMV is the only big record store in town, (I suppose Future Shop and the upcoming Indigo might count) but there are a couple of indies out here that do a fine job. In terms of pubs, there a few fine watering holes to be had with a selection that might surprise even the most snobbish. My only real complaint about the amenities is that the transit system shuts down far too early, on holidays completely and is not extensive enough.
The jobs haven't been as readily available as I had hoped - at least they haven't been jumping out to grab me in the way I had hoped. However, I have had some nibbles and that means there is hope. I have an interview with one of the City's departments on Monday and am still waiting to hear back from the Saskatchewan Health Region for my second interview.
Anyhow, I should actually get outside and do something with my day. I spent a while applying online for a position with a major company coming to town - a far more protracted process then it ought to have been.


Blogger Geosomin said...

Good luck today :)

I would have to say - Futureshop does not count as a record store. It is merely a place where the vultures circle looking for tired souls. Evil! Evil!

Being back at work is wierd...

07 July, 2008 08:39  
Blogger Magnus said...

Turns out the job I thought was with the City was contracted out to some private company.
The interview was weird. Two people who were alternating from hot to cold. One of them became completely cold after asking me why I would move from Vancouver to Saskatoon - It truly baffled him. And none of my answers would satisfy the guy.
Anyhow, a perogie place called me up for an interview on Tuesday. The pay will be crap, but at least I start earning again.

07 July, 2008 14:31  
Blogger Geosomin said...


08 July, 2008 09:26  
Blogger Magnus said...

I like to keep my blog splog free

08 July, 2008 15:54  

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