Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Wrong "Right" Hands

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As previously stated in this blog, I am not overly enamoured with Barack Obama. I was more supportive of John Edwards. He came out with a clear campaign that I supported and I thought he was the person that our neighbours needed most to clean house. The more I listen to Obama the emptier his rhetoric sounds. He makes bold, general statements and speaks in vagaries that say little about him as a candidate. He has vacillated and flip-flopped, but because of charisma he doesn't get called on it.
My Dad compares Barack Obama to former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. I wasn't alive to experience Trudeaumania first hand, but I did experience the disillusionment. Trudeau said a great many general things, made no promises and disappointed many in a generation actively seeking something new, something better: Trudeau never really delivered on that. That said, I liked Trudeau despite his many faults and shortcomings.
Despite my misgivings and suspicions about Barack Obama, I do prefer him to Hillary Clinton. I remarked earlier on this blog that Clinton's persistence was really just obstinacy, an inability to let go. However, it comes to my mind that Clinton may have something else in her's. She's willing to stretch this out so Obama has less time to focus on his Republican opponent, John McCain. By forcing Obama to continue to fight for and spend money on a nomination most people agree he has won, Clinton is weakening his shot at the presidency. It seems to me that Clinton would rather delver the United States into the hands of a man like John McCain for the next four years just to improve her chances for winning the Democratic nomination in 2012.
Anyone voting for Hillary Clinton needs to to take a serious look at the possible ramifications of their candidate's course of action: America could end up in the wrong"Right" hands for some time to come as a result.


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