Friday, May 23, 2008

What is Happening Right Now

Currently listening to: Government Propaganda courtesy of some New Conservative MP whose name I did not catch.

Some MP is currently justifying how the government has boosting spending on defense and tied it in as an integral part of the government's funding/investment in Education. The echo is pretty bad and I am having a hard time hearing what is being said. Now some guy from Boeing is talking about their partnership with the government. I swear someone has added some reverb to his mix on the mic.
This may have to do with the Western Economic Diversification Canada funding annoucement that Nina Grewal made yesterday on campus. Seems there has been an increase in research for universities for aerospace technology. Yesterday it was about funding for Business students to start their own businesses. I dunno, it is pretty boring and there is a lot that I am not catching because of the ambient noise and the crappy mix. Now some guy who looks like Dan Rather is at the podium. Is that Dan Rather? Nope, some guy named Ron. Ron Rather? Now some hippy is talking about technology to help Canadian soldiers detect explosive devices in the field. Visual analytics. Elections applications.
Hmmm... it is over and I have little clue what the hell was being presented. Seems like it is something that has defense applications for the Air Force and the Army, practical day-to-day applications for Big Business, civilian aerospace applications and is able to be used elections. And the only news team coving this for television is Fairchild TV - the all Chinese station. I didn't see any notepads at all and no other recording devices.


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