Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Current attire: Black long sleave shirt, sweat pants, underwear.

Current DVD loaded: 30 Days of Night. Still one scary vampire flick, definitely one of the best in the genre. Also better than the graphic novel - whic was pretty good to start with.

Current CD in the discman: Miles Davis, On the Corner after having played The Pixies, Surfa Rosa three days in a row.

Current song on iTunes: Acid Mother's Temple, "Crystal Rainbow Pyramid".

Current Reading: A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin. Had the hardest time getting through this one and have forgotten most of it. Also reading 100 Bullets in the collected format, great comic series. Puts Sin City to shame in many respects. Oh, and I am going over Vikings by Jonathan Clements again.

Current thought: Time to kick some sort of sense of social responsibility into Canada's Olympic athletes. Boycott the games in Beijing. Their training is not worth the ruined and lost lives, the pollution and all the many other problems faced and caused by China. Where are the Tommy Smiths, John Carlos' and Peter Norman's when you need them? All we seem to have are a bunch George Foremans. Shame on anyone who supports the Beijing Olympics. 1968 to 2008 and look how far we haven't come.


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

I know some people (unless they changed their minds since farrago in Tibet) who are planning, I guess after their trip around Taiwan, where they have been living for the past while, and getting married, to go to Beijing for the Olympics. I used to want to go.

But I hate, as you know, all trendy things, particularly nouveau trendy things. If it is really really old hat, then okay. I am suspicious of, and deplore, how everything in China is being sold off. Soon that will happen in Taiwan (just like it is now complete in Montreal, which has become just another Toronto, with perhaps less culture...), starting with Taipei, since Ma was elected. The only thing that will stop Taiwan becoming too too trendy is a deeply-seated traditionalism (even provincialism). Of course, that never prevented Alberta, did it? We should pray that competition for labour high and the real estate pricing is rock bottom low! That's what I have to say on that matter.

So what about Tibet? Well, let me just say, Taiwan is next. I and all my expatriate friends will be in the eye of the hurricane of World War III, if not right in the storm. Maybe I can make my living as a journalism. Put all of the current, corporate-cloned incompetents out of business!

28 March, 2008 17:38  

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