Monday, March 24, 2008

Nochnoy Dozor, A Slight Return

Show in Progress: Rome

My friend Gavin and I were going to watch the Tarkovsky film, Stalker this weekend. However, it was out so I picked up Nochnoy Dozor (Night Watch) instead. Gavin was learning Russian so I figured it would give him a chance to practice his listening skills at least. Unfortunately the film was dubbed in English and that was the only option available. I will say that at least they got people with the right accents to overdub the film. The dubbing was actually less irritating that way. So many foreign films are overdubbed by North Americans (Run Lola Run for example) and it sounds like crap - completely inauthentic.
Gavin liked the film for the most part, finding some of the themes interesting and impressed that the Russians produced such a modern film. He also translated some of the Cyrillic writing for me, which lets you into a joke inside the film. I still liked the film, it holds up since seeing it in the theatre. Compared to the English language film, Underworld, (which runs along similar lines) Night Watch is far more mature. It was adapted from the first book of a tetralogy so maybe it is no surprise that the character, plot and themes were so much stronger.


Blogger Geosomin said...

I've been itching to rent Day Watch...but am stuck enjoying the last seaon of Galactica in prep for the last's a lot of show to get through before then :)

25 March, 2008 08:41  

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