Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fly Away Home

CD in Play: Charles Mingus, Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

Well, it is looking official — I am moving to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. (briefly referenced in Y: Last Man Standing, by the way) If my Mother is reading this, I was going to call to tell you tonight. The wheels seem to be clicking into place and Saskatoon is only a plane ride away by the beginning of June. My application is in to the University of Saskatchewan, all I need to do now is to go and pay for my transcripts.
Geosomin (whom I have known since 1990) and her husband have extended a couple of invitations to me since 2005 to stay with them so I am finally taking them up on it. The opportunity to to really save up for this move has presented itself, so I should have even more cash for this move than I did for Montreal. (and I was able to do pretty well with the amount I saved for Montreal) I should have a job soon after arriving, my own place for July and then on my way to a better future. (I hope)
Some people shudder when they think of Saskatchewan, but not me. I lived there for a little bit and really grew to love the place. It's the only province in this country I do not make fun of. Saskatchewan is a place for people with character. Yes the winters can be hard and this past winter is a perfect example. Yes they have West Nile virus, but then look at all the crap running through Vancouver: MRSA, (three people at work are off because of it) Third World levels of hepatitis infections, etc. Yes, Natives are forming gangs and are getting violent in the prairies - Caucasians, Asians, East Indians, Natives, Filipino's, Hispanics, etc, etc are forming a multitude of gangs and loose knit associations and getting violent. Show me a drawback about Saskatchewan and I can find something else about the Lower Mainland to match it. The Vancouver area has really been changing for the worse and I will be happy to leave it behind.
The move, however, will be piecemeal. I have extensive kitchenware, utensils, etc. I imagine I can ship out my television, DVD, VCR and stereo no problem. Things I will need to buy when I am there include:
- furniture
- bed
- table and chairs
- possibly a new computer
- a bureau ot two
- shelving
- lamps
But then I guess that is what Ikea or Jysk are for. Salvation Army for somethings, but not a bed and furniture. Whatever, it is three months away so I have time.


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