Sunday, March 23, 2008


CD in Play: Soundtrack, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

I spent a portion of my day packing up the books of mine that I didn't have in storage. I have eight boxes of varying sizes filled with books, also of various sizes. I have a few very large books still unpacked that might make half a large box with a few medium sized ones to boot. Looking over my books all packed away into boxes it struck me how small my personal library seems.
It always seemed to me that I such a large library. Compared to some people I guess I do, but for me? But then it's a good thing for me that I don't have more books than a I thought I did, given that I am moving just shy of halfway across the country. I have no idea what I will do with them if I actually end up teaching in the UK after I am done at the University of Saskatchewan.
Some books I have given away, donated, etc - at least one large box full. I am giving my collection of Lone Wolf and Cub to my friends Elijah and Iain, but I intend to keep Samurai Executioner. Hopefully, LW&C come out in a larger omnibus editions. But I just cannot part with the majority of my books.


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Saskatoon doesn't have many bookstores? Especially second-hand ones? If I were you, I would just sell mine and replace them, or buy completely different ones from bookstores (preferably second hand bookstores). Well, that is what I am doing. But you? Practicality-wise, wouldn't it be easier to do that, not to mention only buy kitchen supplies, cds, (wait, surely you have heard of downloading - which I would naturally never do ;) ;), ah, but you don't like that) etc.

It really is so much easier to lose your attaachment to your possessions. At first it is difficult, but it does get easier. As if I am a great example, ;).

24 March, 2008 23:49  
Blogger Geosomin said...

Keep em.
There's some great second hand shops here if you find you must aprt with them later...but I'm never able to get rid of books either it seems...

25 March, 2008 08:40  
Blogger Magnus said...

Books: I can't get rid of my books. Some of them will never be replaced and some are the editions I want. I'm not a first editions whore or anything, but sometimes I do judge a book by its cover. And some of my books cost $$$ to replace.

CDs: I have heard of downloading but until I get a new computer it ain't happening. I also do not think any friend of mine wants to help me rip the 500+ CDS in my collection. iPods cost money as do good MP3 players and the new computers to deal with them.
Think if it weren't for the great break-in of 1996, I'd have over a 1000 CDs.

Kitchenwares: My pans kick ass so they go where I go. Jeffrey destroyed my cast-iron pan.

Things I need to buy in Saskatoon are a bed - new not second hand - a couch and chair, table and chairs, shelving and a desk.

25 March, 2008 09:14  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Of course, if the books cost more to replace, you should, by all means, keep them. Most books are cheaper to replace than to move/send/etc.

All of your other reasons make perfect sense.

25 March, 2008 14:20  

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