Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weird Food

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If you haven't seen Alton Brown's show Good Eats on the Food Channel, do so - it is a surreal experience. One part food show mixed with 1/2 a cup of history and healthy dash of surreality. I justsaw one of his shows on pickles. He talked about how to make kosher dills primarily, but then shows the viewer a way to cheat your local Ice Cream Man out of a few bob by selling "Koolickles", or Kool-Aid pickles.
According to a New York Times article (courtesty of Rebecca at the Potlikker Blog) they are hit down in the American South and there has been a race to patent them. To rip the quote used in Potlikker:

"“They’re easy to make a gallon,” Ms. Williams said. “You pull the pickles from the jar, cut them in halves, make double-strength Kool-Aid, add a pound of sugar, shake and let it sit — best in the refrigerator — for about a week. The taste takes to anything. A while back I made a mistake and bought a jar of pickle chips instead of halves or wholes. Came out fine. This whole Kool-Aid pickle thing is going so good, you wonder why somebody hasn’t put a patent on them.”"

Bizarre, no? Might be worth a try in your area. I would also recommend trying this little happy accident that happened to me recently. I was putting almond butter on a piece of french bread while I was making a dish for dinner later that evening. (cold udon noodles with pesto, cherry tomato, basil leaves and grated asiago) I was using pesto and sizable dollop dropped onto the bread. I contemplated scraping it off, but then just spread it around. It was pretty good. Wonder if the Koolickle was a serendipitous event as well?


Blogger Geosomin said...

Ever had cashew butter?
Deadly...I want to make cashew butter cookies this weekend...yum

19 March, 2008 08:29  
Blogger Magnus said...

I have heard almond butter is better health-wise. Also have had walnut butter and want to try pumpkin seed butter. Who needs lousy old peanut butter with choices like these?

19 March, 2008 09:16  

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