Thursday, February 28, 2008

Confidence Schemes

Politics Ad Nauseum

The failure of Canada's Opposition Parties to bring down this minority government on the budget/confidence motion is not so much and expression of confidence in the ruling party, but a reflection of the lack of confidence that they have in themselves to overthrow it.
Canadians deserve a chance to cast their own votes of non-confidence on the ballot come election time. The lack of leadership and trustworthiness on all sides demands that Canadians be given this option.


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

I completely agree with you about Dion, now. The Liberals should have a leadership review - immediately. Dion is even ridiculed on the Conservative Party website. About one-third of the pictures are of Dion looking indecisive and otherwise equivocal. Why did the Liberals choose Dion?. Whereas Harper (as lame as he is), is an alpha male, Dion is just a nobody. Dion claims that his caucus was divided, and that too many people were against bringing the government down. Well, Dion, this is what leadership is about. You have to take charge! And if you don't think it's the right time, then make news, for Pete's sake! Express some strong opinions, reserve, anything but this... Harper used to call Martin, Mr. Dithers. But at least Martin was a strong leader. No matter what we think of him, he really did have strong motivations, and he did express strong opinions about certain issues. What is Dion? The only thing that is going to bring Harper down is many, many big mistakes and/or scandal.

We are starting to see this with Cadman-gate. You know, the latest book about Chuck Cadman.

Before then, the Liberal rank-and-file had better get a real leader. Rae would have been better. Even Ignatieff would have been better. Although we would have looked even more like the U.S. of yore. And to tell you the truth, I find American politics these days more inspiring.

I disagree with you about Obama. Magnus, you used to like Obama. Unless an asteroid hits, I am continuing to root for Obama. I agree with your anonymous commenter. Obama is like a cross between FDR and Lincoln. This year, politically speaking, Americans, for once, are luckier than we are.

29 February, 2008 07:51  
Blogger Magnus said...

The Cadman affair will come to nothing. However, bill C-10 should give Canadians a taste of what Harper's Conservatives would really be like with a majority.

01 March, 2008 18:29  

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