Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Old Et Ceteras

CD in Play: The Who, Quadrophenia.

What's Next?

I had always liked The Who, but my preference was for their catalogue from `65's My Generation up to `71's Who's Next. After 1971, The Who's material was pretty hit and miss for me. Aside from a couple of tracks , the double record offerings on 1973's Quadrophenia never really grabbed me. Actually, there have been times where I felt a certain amount of antipathy toward the album.
I am just about finished Ian Rankin's second to last Rebus novel, Naming of the Dead. (I have Exit Music waiting for me in my bag) In the book, without giving much away, Rebus attends a funeral where "Love Reign O'er Me" is played at the end of the ceremony. I have always liked that song and the subsequent mentions of the album and discussions about The Who versus The Rolling Stones got me interested to hear the album again. And then I started having the urge to hear "The Real Me", so I popped by Audiopile (my favourite used store) and grabbed the album.
Quadrophenia will never become my favouite Who album, but I have grown into it. Songs like "Bell Boy" don't grab me at first but get interesting once further along. I can appreciate Quadrophenia now on a different level then I could have hoped to as a teen.


I had Japanese "sour plumb" in a maki roll today for the first time in a long time. Umeboshi is actually more like an apricot and is quite salty and sour. It falls into the catagory of tsukemono, Japanese pickles, which I also quite like. If you go for sushi, the most common (and perhaps only) form of tsukemono is the oshinko roll. (pickled daikon)
I need to learn how to make Japanese food for myself. I'd change my diet completely.

A Mind For Invention

I ran into a friend recently and he told me something I was not aware of. He was going to rip my old band's anthology (Hypernode, A Mind for Invention) to his hard drive so he could upload certain tracks to his iPod. Anyhow CDDB (online CD Database) already had the tracks listed and recognise the album. It was a bit of a shock for him, that something so obscure and of dubious quality would be found on the database, but it was a pleasant shock. I imagine I have either Trent Ernst or Ken Goudswaard to thank for that, so thank you one and all.


Blogger Geosomin said...

There's all manner of stuff in the database that surprised me as well. We found an unnofficial orb remix of some Pink Floyd and it was in there. It just goes to show there's other people out there more obscure than me :)

22 October, 2007 08:23  

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