Sunday, September 09, 2007


CD in Play: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Stoned and Dethroned.

Olfactory Deceptions

Why is it that smell that comes from pizza by the slice places often smells like body odour, until you get with in 30 feet?


I have become obsessed with getting my friend's son Doctor Who action figures. Perhaps I am just I am just making up for not being able to be the uncle I'd like to have been to my step-families children, but I look forward to getting the kid these toys. They look great. Sadly, the worst figure is the one for the Ninth Doctor - not so much a toy as a poseable figure. So far I have picked up The Tenth Doctor with sonic screwdriver and mini remote control K-9, the Werewolf from Series 2 and a Cyberman. If you like the series check out:

Life Stuff

Work is back in full swing with the start of a new semester, and it can get kind of crazy. I'll be looking for a new place as my current land lady is nuts. I was two days late with my rent, due to a cock-up with my cheque at Head Office, and she has been avoiding me ever since.
I keep my area closed and neither my roommate or I open any of living room or kitchen windows wide - especially when we are at work. (they remain closed) The living room was obviously sprayed by a cat one day. There was no smell when I left, but it reeked when I came home. My roommate was home earlier and mentioned it to the land lady. She maintains that it is somehow our fault that the cat got in - while we were at work - and that we must pay for the cleaning. She also has been getting up aropund 5 am to move furnature. My roommate's room is out of the way of this activity, mine is not.
Meanwhile, I still need a better paying job so I can move out to Saskatoon and start up at the University of Saskatchewan. Hoping to get in with Translink in this current round of hiring. Also trying Border Services and the Coast Mountain Bus Company for a depot job.
It is a good thing the Flaming Lips are at the Orpheum on the 18th - I need something to make me smile.


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

I thought I'd lived in the crappy living situations in the past. I wouldn't be able to have the patience you seem to have. And having that many roomates in a basement suite? How on earth do you do it? With a crazy landlady, at that?

The fact that a good job like one that involves trained, relatively skilled labour (you did go through several months of training for being qualified for a job like yours, after all, even if the job itself could be performed by well... your colleagues) makes me horrified by today's Vancouver. What kind of place is it when you have a lower middle class job like that and you can't even be sure if you'll pay for rent in a crummy basement sweet. Vancouver can kiss its sweet behind goodbye.

Hohoho. I so agree about the cheap pizza slice places. This does not got for Al Taib, in Montréal, however. The place is inexpensive, but QUALITY. And not body odour type smells. A great deal of the places on St. Laurent and St. Catherine, etc. have that smell though.

On another note entirely, as you never know, maybe I will join join you at the University of Saskatchewan! Will the be a new rat pack?

09 September, 2007 17:26  
Blogger Magnus said...

It's a BIG basement and I'm really the only one who uses the living room. But yeah, the housing market sucks in Vancouver. The prices of things now, compared to when I was looking at this time last year, have increased a bit further.
There is a lot of talk about how businesses are having a hell of a time finding people to work - too many high paying jobs. I haven't come across them.
As for the pizza by the slice, the places that smell like b/o from a far are very good once you get in, but man... past 30 feet?

10 September, 2007 08:21  
Blogger Geosomin said...

The toys look cool...I got Jay a sonic screwdriver for christmas. He loves it.

Sorry your landlord is a crazy lady. I had a crazy nudist landlord once so I can relate...

"Why is it that smell that comes from pizza by the slice places often smells like body odour, until you get with in 30 feet?" What disturbs ME is how when you're camping the toilets always smell like the food seller area until you get about 20 feet away...not cool...

I'm so jealous about the Flaming Lips...if they have any tshirts, could I bribe you to get me one? I'd wear shirts from very few bands, but I'd totally pay you back...and send in a few cookies extra...:)

10 September, 2007 11:08  
Blogger Geosomin said...

Or a derby...

10 September, 2007 11:08  

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