Friday, October 12, 2007

Willekeurig Materiaal

CD in Play: The Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed.

Baby Diego

My friends Elijah and Miriam have had their first child, a baby boy. They have not named the child as of yet, but I have called it Baby Diego. If you get the reference then you must have liked the film Children of Men as much as me. He's small, about a month underdeveloped and doctors are unsure why. However, Miriam and Elijah are proud and eager parents so here is to a long, healthy and happy life for "Baby Diego".

The Return of the Return of Splog

As stated below, I have a little splogging problem lately. I suppose one of my reasons for hating splog so virulently is that some actually believes that they have the right to use my space to post advertisements: that people believe they have the right to force feed me and others advertisements. I'm sick of the omnipresence of advertising. It wouldn't surprise me if advertisers did discover a way to encode adverts into our dreams like they did in Futurama. Enough is enough.

GARGH! F*%#!*^$ $%^*#$ &*@(!()))!!!!!!!!!

Given how blog posts about exasperation at work seem to come back to haunt the people who post them - let it be sufficient to say that I am currently exasperated and frustrated at work for a variety of reasons. Nothing that can't be worked out, but nothing people seem willing to tackle aside from me and a couple of others. (which is not nearly enough)
However, I will add that my disdain threshold has breached on numerous fronts. My landlady is an idiot, I am barraged with idiocy on an almost daily basis and I am feeling quite disdainful. Not that I think I am better than everyone else, I know I am not, but I am tired of idiocy. I am tired of people who don't even try to use their brains and who lack the guts to do what needs to be done. Splogging, by the way, is another form of idiocy in my books.

The Invasion

I just got my copy of The Invasion (Doctor Who) back from Gavin. I watched it on Monday whenI was off sick and continued to watch it again last night. It is a serial told in eight, roughly 25 minute parts. While watching The Invasion it becomes apparent how much of Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel (new Who Series 2) are, essentially a remake/retelling of The Invasion. Even the voice modulations for the Cybermen are similar.
However, one striking difference is the soundtrack. The Soundtrack for the Series 2 episodes doesn't really stand out in my mind, but the The Invasion' s does. Don Harper put together a score that really stands out and has embedded (dare I say... implanted) itself in my brain.


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