Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gripes and Grudges

CD in Play: Hüsker Dü, Zen Arcade.

Sam Bloody Sullivan

Vancouver is in the middle of a rather large strike which has affected many services all though out the city. Some people are inclined to blame C.U.P.E., but I am inclined to blame Vancouver's incompetent politicians, like his "Worship" Sam Sullivan and the city manager Judy Rogers. (who received a $48,000 pay out this year) I was really angry about the strike before but I am livid now, since the Flaming Lips have been moved from The Orpheum (an indoor venue) to the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park - an out of the way outdoor venue.
Not only is it inconvenient for those of us who rely on Transit and live further away, but the weather is looking really grim outside. I was looking forward to seeing the FLips in an indoor venue, where I could be seated and where I wouldn't have to endure a multitude of pot and cigarette smokers who seem to feel that everyone enjoys smell of marijuana, nicotine, tar and cyanide.
My biggest consolation is that Sullivan is sure to prove to be a one term blunderer with no hope for re-election. Hopefully he pulls down people like Judy Rogers with him.

Gordon "DUI- 'I know I wasn't always honest as mayor but I promise I'll be better when I am Premier'" Campbell

Apparently, the BC Liberal government has just increased the number of seats in the British Columbia Legislature from an already bloated 79 up to an utterly obese 87. He's done this by creating new ridings in so-called "growing regions". Normally I find The Province's Michael Smith to be little more than an apologist for the BC Liberal Party and his apparent fishing buddy, Gordon Campbell. However, Smith has pointed out that these new ridings have been created from areas where the Liberals are strongest and that Campbell's Gerrymandering has exceeded the electoral fudging and fiddling of any other politician in recent Provincial history. Campbell wants a third term and is hellbound to guarantee it. What an utter scumbag. People cry about the coruption in politics and how something must be done. Something can - don't return Gordo to office.


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