Friday, October 26, 2007

Contemptuous, Lying, Sneaky Weasels and Their Filthy, Scabrous, Weasley Lies

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(With all due apologies to Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Charlie, Bill, Percy, Molly and Aurthur)

Okay, so this weasel I am about to rant about is not so sneaky. In fact this weasel is a bit of a slacker. Given the nature of blogging about work and my need to respect the integrity of the institution I work for, I need to keep this oblique. I need to blow off steam, and writing this seems the best way to do it. I had a complaint filed against me by someone who has obviously got it out for me: the individual has grossly misrepresented the nature and details of our dealings together. While I do have a temper and it can get up rather quickly, I do tend to be rather more patient on the job and am capable of reigning it in.
The male in question kept flaunting the rules of the institution, violating "no go" storage and construction areas and expecting special treatment. This was back in March of this year and he ran afoul of me and my co-workers on several occasions before being spoken more severely on the final occasion. He has accused me of seizing and searching his personal belongings in May, but fortunately that instance was caught on camera and two co-workers reviewed the footage that shows the innocence of the situation. In retrospect soon after it happened, I had wondered if he wasn't trying to trap me with his actions. Said male ran afoul of at least three other people I work with, yet he chooses to focus in on me. All this because he was unable to get his own way on two different occasions.
After the non-incident-incident in May, the male stated he wanted to file a complaint against me so I gave him the contact number and the names of three people he could register his complaint with. He finally filed his complaint last week in the middle of October. I was allegedly being hostile and ranting at to people for no reason. I had to raise my voice but that was because the distance between us was great, I had to remain where I was and no one else could make it in time. Apparently, this event caused the male painful pangs in his psyche and he just couldn't take it anymore.
The complaint is libelous and his witnesses are lying through their teeth. He states his girlfriend was there, but there was no woman with him on any occasion. (unless the one guy that was with him on the first encounter was a pre-op transsexual who still dressed and acted exactly like a guy) He was alone on our second encounter and I am the one with a witness. Their were a couple of other encounters he mentioned but they never happened - or at least he has chosen to apply them to me. He states he is uncomfortable and feels unsafe when I am on campus.
Fortunately, the company and the institution don't seem to be taking the guy very seriously as I had forewarned them that he was intending to file a complaint. In fact, I am still on a list for promotion and a raise and my on-site duties are being expanded in a positive way. But it does bother me that someone feels the need to fabricate crap about me because they got their wrist slapped a few times when they were very much in the wrong. What worries me even more is some insipid, spiteful git like this could end up in a position of authority and responsibility without learning to take resposibility for or to accept the fault that lies in his own actions.


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

I hope all goes well for you there. That job sounds like a real pain in the ass. But aren't most jobs these days? There are exceptions, and hopefully I will see those exceptions (and you too).
How are the preparations going for getting back to university and finishing your degrees? Plans? Do tell us. It is harder to get out of your routine as we get older, and you and I are about the same age, so I should know, eh! Too much so!

27 October, 2007 17:04  
Blogger Magnus said...

I don't have an established routine as such, nore like a loose set of observations. My life is still in transition, so things are changing on many fronts.
As for the degree, not until I start making more money. Dom gave me a couple of good ideas to follow up on.

28 October, 2007 11:57  
Blogger Geosomin said...'re in the right with witnesses. The little shrew will melt away in a bit of time.
It's unfortunate someone has it in for you, but if you've been doing right, you've nothing to worry the end he'll be the one looking like a twat.
I only wish there was a way to punish people for baseless complaints...

29 October, 2007 09:29  

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