Monday, November 27, 2006

"Patuqutaujuq" is a Sentence Fragment.

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It is very white out there and will apparently remain so for some time to come. Yes, snow has come to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Snow has been an all too infrequent vistor to these parts in recent Globally Warming years and has been sorely missed, at least by this British Columbian. I like cold weather and feel right at home outside these days. Weather forecasts are calling for -13°C (it is -11°C as I type) which is bound to have people grumbling.
Truthfully, though, -13° could be bad for us in the Lower Mainland. It is unusual and many things that are necessarily taken in to consideration futher north and further east - such as burying waterlines deeper in the ground to keep them from freezing - are often casually disregarded here. The coldest I remember it getting in this area was around -17°C in 1988 when I was still living in Port Coquitlam. Since about 2000 it has been pretty mild here, especially in the last couple of years.
There is myth in this country that British Columbia never sees winter. The myth is big with interprovincial transplants (and those most loathsome types of BCers - the self-deluded British "Californian") seeking to escape the typical Canadian winter, hoping to settle into some sort of in-country Shangra-La. BC is a big place, geographically diverse and most of it does see winter: just ask my friends Trent and Ken in the north-east and central interior of the province, respectively.
The Lower Mainland has mild winters usually, but that is far from a rule. Snow does hit here and sometimes, however infrequently, it makes a point of sticking around. It does get cold here, a damp cold that soaks in through the skin and straight to the bone. Snow is often followed by constant rains and the ground becomes a water-logged sponge.
The snow is here and, for the momment, it is beautiful. It is cold and I am in my element. Long may this winter last.


Blogger Magnus said...

I might also add that we need a good long frozen winter here in BC. The Pine Beetle infestation is out of control and is just destroying this place.

27 November, 2006 19:59  
Blogger Geosomin said...

You can have our snow.
It's been snowing for days. I had to crawl out of bed at 5 to push Jay out of the alley...and my parents need to go home now. It is time.

DO people in BC know how to drive in snow or is it a bit of a carnival out there?

28 November, 2006 10:44  
Blogger Geosomin said...

Man that came off as grumpy. Sorry.

Karli used to tell me how the world would stop for Delta whenever it snowed and people wouldn't come in to work.

28 November, 2006 10:46  
Blogger Magnus said...

It can be a carnival, but then we have more hills at more severe grades than you do in Saskatchewan. Trees also form a hazard, and most British Columbians love their trees.
Then you have the people from warm climates like Pakistan, India and Hong Kong, China, etc who have even less experience with the white stuff than your average native Lower Mainlander.
For what it is worth, I have have never had a problem driving in the snow

28 November, 2006 17:21  

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