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Hide and Seek

So as you are aware, unless you have never been to this blog before, I have been ripping through Ian Rankin's Rebus series for a little over a month now. I finished Strip Jack and am just about finished with Mortal Causes. What to read next? I haven't exactly read them in order. I started with the first one, Knots and Crosses, but have been jumping around just a bit since I wasn't always able to pick up the books in chronological order. I had been trying to stick to independent/semi-independent stores, but trying to find the second Rebus novel has proven to be a real chore.
Appropriately enough, the second book in the series was named Hide and Seek. No one smaller seemed to carry it, so I walked into Chapters and it really did turn into a game of hide and seek - the computer stating that the store had ten copies in, but none were on the shelves, in the back room or on display elsewhere in the store. But have them they did and after a vigorous search by the sales clerk I now have a copy of Hide and Seek sitting in my work bag.
As for Mortal Causes, I have found it to be my favourite Rebus novel of the bunch so far. Of course, have always had an interest in the sectarian politics and intrigues generated by the conflict in Northern Ireland, so maybe that's no surprise. It is easy to focus in on the IRA as villains, Rankin went the road less travelled and looked at the Loyalists.

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Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Ian Rankin? I don't know anything about him except the name. I kind of confuse his name a bit with Ian McEwan.

You really have to get around to reading some Murakami one of these days, Magnus.

05 November, 2006 06:52  
Blogger Magnus said...

Jeffrey Mackie tried to get me into Rankin - seemed a guilty pleasure for him - but I was reticent as most crime/detective fiction I have glanced at was pretty trashy. Rankin is anything but trashy.
The Rebus series has been done for tv, but the books don't feel as though they were written with the idiot's lantern in mind.
I will have to make a point of reading Murakami at some point, but the Rebus books are just hitting me where I live at this point in time.

05 November, 2006 08:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have family from Ireland or the UK?

05 November, 2006 18:21  
Blogger Magnus said...

On my Mum's. Her heritage is English (Norfolk and Southhampton areas) and Irish via Wales.
The Irish families both left from places like Cork, Waterford and some wee place called Ballynallahassery and moved to Wales to steal all the mining and iron works jobs in a place called Dowlais just around Merthyr Tydfyl. They were Catholic and all kept to themselves in a a sort of Irish ghetto it seems. My Grandmother was born in a place called Unys Uchaf.
My great Grandfather moved here with his two daughters and left them in the care of an English family who saw to it that thhey grew up Protestant. My Grandmother had been in the Salvation Army and then became a Communist and a labour organiser.
I have no sympathies for the Provos or the Loyalists. Not my fight, but I am interested in the conflict in an outsider sort of way. I find the whole affair disturbing. Met people on both sides. Thought the Sinn Fein people were deceptive and the Loyalists were more than a little disturbed.

05 November, 2006 19:11  

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