Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Lumi" is Finnish for Snow

Track in Play: A rhythm track I was working developing this weekend using my friend's copy of Groove Agent.

It is blowing hard out there. After living in Saskatchewan and Montreal I would have a hard time calling this a blizzard, maybe a snow squall? Visibilty is low and the wind is really pushing the old snow that has been in the atmosphere for a while around. Almost looks like an intense rain storm from here, but the stuff outside is definitely snow.
This weekend was good. My friend Doug played a show in Langley, his jazz band's CD release party, and I was able to attend. Good sound from a tight group. Hopefully they learn some Charles Mingus soon. (hint, hint>:) The snow that night made getting home problematic for me so I crashed at Greg and Joy's, old friends whom I have not had the chance to hand around with for a while. It was time well spent.
Greg introduced my to his new musical obsessions, The Devin Townsend Band and Strapping Young Lad. Greg and I have grown apart in many aspects of our musical interests, but we still share common ground. DTB was pretty interesting. Might pick up their album Terria at some point.
We spent time in Greg's home studio which is very nice. Greg offered me a chance to go in once a month and record material, an offer I would be a fool to pass up on. I forget the name of much of his software, but Groove Agent is what he uses for drum tracks. I played around with the preset patterns and came up with a rhythm track that Massive Attack would kill for. Been sitting at home since trying to write lyrics to go with it.
He also has a Hammond B3/B4 emulator so I can make all my organ driven fantasies come true. (if only I could play the organ...) There is a Yamaha synth emulator that shows definite promise and I spent at least 2 hours toying around with the Moog emulator.
Anyhow, Greg and I are looking at recording a project together. I have been thinking about guitar lessons so I can actually make use of my Godin, but I have also thought I might trade in the Godin out some money on top and get a something like a Fender P-bass and an ampeg amp. We'll see what comes of it, but it will be good to do something any way you slice it.
In Addendum
When I went home last night I was struck at how beautiful my neighbourhood looked. White and well illuminated. I should have hurried home since it was just before 1 am and I had to be back at work by no later 7:45 am, but it was too beautiful not to just walk for a few more minutes and take it all in. Snow on the ground, on roof tops, sliding off trees and perilous 5 foot icicles dangling from the eaves.


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