Wednesday, June 28, 2006

`Appy Burfday to Me

CDs in Play: Mogwai, Happy Songs for Happy People. Super Furry Animals, Guerrilla.

I'd rather be in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Yes, today has been my birthday. I am 36 years old. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday the 27th of June 1970 at 10:23am. I have not been looking forward to this birthday. I am now in the upper half of my thirties and still nowhere near where I ever thought I would be in life.
Now when I say nowhere near where I thought I would be, I am not talking about the house, the car and all the material crap so many people use to fill that void knawing and sucking away inside of them. I do mean a family of my own and a career doing something that find fulfilling. Much of that is my own fault - failure to grasp/face reality, failure to follow through or push harder. Some of it has just been beyond me to control. So here I am trying to get ahead but life just sort of sucks at the moment.
I am having a hell of a time getting a place to live. I have to shell out bucks to ICBC in order to get my license back. I need my license in order to push ahead with the things I plan to do. There are other personal things that I am just going to leave out, but I do hate the fact that so many of my friends live so far away from where I am.
So yeah, I am feeling a bit down. Not looking for pity here, just stating a fact.


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Yeah, talk about far away for me.

You speak pretty much the same words that I would say. I'm in a rut, myself.

I wish you and I could get good and drunk tonight, M. And then invent something that makes us millionaires, and then you and I could really do what we want to do. You could start an art school and a publishing company. F--- all the in-crowds one normally has to go through... I could do the same. Heck, we could make it a concerted collective effort! I could be involved in that publishing company.

You know. I may be 34, but it's not much behind from you in years...

Maybe money doesn't count. Maybe it's the collective dance of the universe. Read Murikami Dance, Dance, Dance. It's about a 34 year old protagonist.

I think you would feel the same as I do, reading it. Now, I have less than one hundred pages to go.

Magnus. I wish I could see you.

You don't know how much. There 5 or 6 other friends too. I am starting to feel homeless, like Dick North, the one-armed poet Murakami protagonist meets in Hawaii.

28 June, 2006 08:38  
Anonymous trent said...

On the other hand, life is all sunshine and roses up north. Well, it rained a bit last night, but only enough to lightly water the canola fields, which are now a golden yellow.


Happy Birthday, anyway.


28 June, 2006 10:34  
Anonymous trent said...

Except for the bit about step-mom having pancreatic cancer, and the operation was a failure. But other than that.


28 June, 2006 10:35  
Anonymous trent said...

Oh. And the doctors say there's nothing they can do for Ken, either. They just gave him a brain drain, and not the smart people moving to the US kind, either. He's not looking too good, and probably won't last the year.


28 June, 2006 10:37  
Anonymous trent said...

Okay, now I'm all bummed, too. Thanks a lot.


28 June, 2006 10:38  
Blogger Magnus said...

Huh? Wha...? Send me an email about all this. Ken being...?

28 June, 2006 11:57  
Anonymous Trent said...

Oh. Yeah. No, not that Ken. Just somebody from church. You woulda hated him because he was a right-winged rabble rouser, but underneath it all, he's still a great guy.

He was. Great, already I'm referring to him in the past tense.

28 June, 2006 13:41  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

What's with the silent treatment?

Am I the undead?

28 June, 2006 13:50  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Happy Birthday, by the way!!!!!!!!!

28 June, 2006 13:59  
Blogger Geosomin said...

Happy BIRthday to you
Happy birtdhay TO you
Happy BIRTHDAY dear MAGNUSssssssssss
(deep breath)
Happy biiiiiirthdaaaaaay tooooooooooooooooooo

Have a sip of bourbon and some sushi and enjoy the day. Age is relative...and we all luvs ya even if we are far away.
Hope it is/was a good day.
I wish you many more.

Oh, and if the drunken art school rantfest thing ever does happen let me know...sounds like just the thing.

28 June, 2006 16:23  
Blogger Magnus said...

You ain't undead Thoth, youse iz j'st chopp't livah s'all. ;) I'll check out Murikami sometime. His name has been bandied back and forth before.

Thanks guys.

28 June, 2006 18:01  
Anonymous Glen said...

Happy Birthday!

As I'm older than you I'd like to say on behalf of us old-timers that 36 ain't all that bad. Save the dread for something like 50, that way it's 14-years away.

29 June, 2006 11:20  
Blogger Magnus said...

I dunno, 14 years goes by really damn fast...

Thanks man.

29 June, 2006 18:04  
Blogger Peter T Chattaway said...

Trent: Right-wing rabble rouser? Do you mean this Ken?

08 July, 2006 20:26  

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