Sunday, December 11, 2005

Das Horrid, Schreckliche Leben des Faulen Blogger.

Working on some stuff for the blog, but it is going slower than desired. In the meantime, more lazy blogging! I used AltaVista Babel Fish to get the title (it was a toss up between German and Dutch. German seemed the better language for this) so excuse the translation if it is a bit inaccurate.

Current attire: Brown t-shirt, sock type socks, jeans.

Current mood: Not entirely sure. It could go any way at anytime. But I cooked a pretty mean stirfry just now and feel good about that. Honey and saffron do go well with pork.

Current music: Mastadon, Leviathan.

Current religious curiosity: Zoroastrianism. Not looking to convert or anything, but just curious as to what Zoroastrianism is. I know it comes from Persia (now Iran) and that they are dualistic monotheists, but what else? I have the page for it up on wikipedia.

Current Comedy Favourite: Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law. Made for the 27 to 45 year old set, because only we might recognise all the cartoons being lampooned in it. (Flintstones, Super Friends, Mighty Mightor... Hanna Barbera stuff) Friend of mine rented the DVD last night. Holy crap did I laugh hard. Bizarre, absurd, disturbing at times and so utterly good. The DVD menu features the song "Birdman Kicked My Ass" by the now deceased Wesley Willis. Rent it or buy it, but see it. Better yet, buy it for me and see it with me.

Current song in head: Um... "Birdman Kicked My Ass".

Current book: War Against the Weak - Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race by Edwin Black. As you might imagine, neither a light nor a very easy read. Troublesome, truly. From the man who wrote IBM and the Holocaust.

Current Culinary Preference: Italian.

Current refreshment: Soy 'Milk'.

Current worry: As per usual.

Current DVD in Player: Donnie Darko. Plan to watch Waking Life later tonight.


Blogger DJD1138 said...

If I remember correctly, Zoroastrianism began sometime in around 700-600 bce. Which is interesting because this coincides with the "writing prophets" of the Hebrew Scriptures. There seems to have been a widespread shift in world religions about this time. Makes you wonder what cosmic shift caused all the rucus?

11 December, 2005 23:32  
Anonymous cool hand bob said...

What kind of shift are you talking about?

12 December, 2005 14:55  
Anonymous Trent said...

From Third into reverse while going 60 km down the road. Lots of squealing tires, lots of tranny parts laying about the roadway....

13 December, 2005 19:48  
Blogger DJD1138 said...

A shift to written prophecy and organization of religion in codified form. It seems-though my memory may be foggy and completely inaccurate-as though a variety of enduring world religions all sprung up at about the same time.

13 December, 2005 23:36  

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