Monday, November 28, 2005

Haiku You

CD in Play: Johnny Cash, Redemption Songs. (CD no.3 From the Unearthed Box Set)

A Small Haiku Collection by Magnus Skallagrimsson

Wind courses through trees
standing on the footpath bridge
salmon spawn below.
(Port Coquitlam, BC 1988)

The sky spans outward
a vast blue and white expanse
smell of fresh cut wheat.
(Caron, Saskatchewan 1989)

Bright gold horizon
games are played on the shoreline
of Buffalo Pound
(Buffalo Pound, Saskatchewan 1990)

I walk towards home
breath drifting in front of me
snow beneath my feet.
(Montreal, PQ 2001)

Poetry lingers
as people shuffle homeward
empty bottles fall.
(Montreal, PQ 2001)

Espresso machine
hisses behind the counter
blown foam on the table.
(Montreal, PQ 2001)

I have a thing for haiku. It has nothing really to do with my interest in the History of Japan or my love of that country's cuisine. Haiku speaks to me on some deeper level. Real haiku is a snapshot, a picture of certain place at a specific moment in time. The Narrow Road to Oku by Basho Matsuo (b.1644 - d.1694) illustrates my point; the book is a travelogue, but a travelogue relayed through haiku.
I have not written any haiku since coming back from Montreal.


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