Friday, December 16, 2005

At Last

Finally got rid of that gapping hole where the ads were. So simple, and I didn't even have to tweak the html code to do it. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Geosomin said...

There is a gaping hole
within my hert
where google used to be

I feel as tho
all light is gone
for all eternity

Without the ads
how will I know
just what I need or want

I'll have to think
all by myself
the thought of it can daunt..

Perhaps I'll go
and watch TV
to keep me occupied

I just can't seem
to let myself
FIll my own void inside.


OK so I'm not exactly a poet today...
Just feeling a bit anti-consumerism. The malls are full of crazy people.
Crazy unhappy people.
Parhaps the things are taking over...

16 December, 2005 09:31  
Blogger Magnus said...


16 December, 2005 10:18  

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