Sunday, May 04, 2008

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CD in Play: U2, Boy

OK, I'll take your computer

One of the things I have been trying to figure out is how I am going to afford a new computer? Too much going on money-wise to really make the effort. Circumstances at my Dad's place seem to have played into my favour. My Dad has been looking to get a new computer since the one he currently uses just cannot handle all the graphics programs he is running and the ones he wants to add. His wife's computer has been extensively compromised by spyware and his step-daughter's Mac laptop has encountered some difficulties.
The step-daughter is getting Mother's old computer which is being cleaned up and refitted. My Dad has a new computer and his wife was initially going to get his old computer. But she doesn't actually require much out of a computer. So I will get his old computer and she will get mine. (with much grumbling I am sure) Mine is old but it will suit her for what she will use it for. She spends roughly less than four hours on a computer a week at most.
I'll have a lot more memory and a better operating speed which means I can finally play my copy of Call of Duty 2 and Civ IV. Sad, huh? I will also be able to create power point presentations. Macanuck can smile and shake his head as smugly as he wants, (and I know you will Trent!) but this is a step up for me.

Battlestar Galactica

The show has been really good so far and my fears at the end of Season 3 have been abated. I will be looking forward to Caprica.


Vancouverites, Lower Mainlanders and visitor to the region - stand up and imbibe in style. Viti is a newish private beer and wine store connected to the Moda Hotel on Seymour and Smythe. They have an interesting selection in wine, beer, cider and spirits. Artisinal, hand-crafted rums from Guyana and Jamaica. BC Meade. Merrydale ciders, both old favourites and hard to finds. Beers from all over. Good quality. Interesting selections. Worth your while. I am currently sipping on a Lindemans Kriek Lambic beer. Think sour cherry beer.


Anonymous Geosomin said...

That ambic sounds yummy

05 May, 2008 06:57  
Anonymous Geo can't type said...

I meen lambic...sheesh

05 May, 2008 06:58  
Blogger Magnus said...

Lambic pentameter.

06 May, 2008 09:09  

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