Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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Food. Pie in Particular.

I was talking to a co-worker this morning that I had a hankering for a something particularly English: steak and kidney pie. He's originally from Taiwan, so he had no clue that the English could even come up with such a thing. I mentioned who kidney isn't that popular (for a host of reasons) and that it had been replaced by mushrooms. Steak and mushroom pie isn't bad at all, but it lacks that certain something that steak and kidney has. Anyhow, my co-worker said he'd rather have steak and lobster and that got me thinking about something that could be a culinary triumph or a gastronomical nightmare.
I have already received one nay from my friend Elijah, but I think the steak and lobster pie has potential if done right. Might not be able to do it with lobster , maybe langostino? The idea though is to have the steak seared quickly and blackened, but quite bloody inside. The lobster should similarly be undercooked. The idea is to have the steak no more than medium and the lobster not overcooked once the pie is ready to eat. (medium rare would be capitol) If possible, the pie crust and shell should be baked ahead of time. Instead of gravy (which you get in steak and kidney/mushroom pie) it should be a sort of buttery, creamy sauce.
Not at all healthy, but I think it should be delicious. Someone asked me about onions or other vegetables, but I think their flavours might obscure the flavour of the lobster. Who knows, surf and turf pie could be a hit. The rub is - how the hell do you actually cook something like this?

Latin America as Counterbalance

Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega have signaled a left turn for Central and South America. North America has sat up and taken notice. As North Americans have swung far to the right, Central and South Americans have been moving away from it. Another name can be added to that list, Fernando Lugo, the recently elected president of Paraguay. A former Catholic bishop, Lugo has helped to put an end to Paraguay's 60 year dictatorship under the Colorado Party.
The business world may despair at a socialist taking over the reigns, but they always have Colombia. The government and the cartels in Colombia are apparently quite willing to kill labour organisers and silence dissent. Whenever Western businessmen state that a country has a good climate for investment it is usually because the locals are getting the shit kicked out of them.
As for Latin America's leftist tendencies, we'll see how long that keeps up now that Chavez cannot run again for election. Once Fidel Castro is dead we'll see whether or not his brother and the rest of his cohorts take Cuba into the waiting arms of Western interests and exploitation.

Work, Work, Work

Good Lord am I bored. There are people who believe that I am being foolish by going back to school to get my degree and teaching certificate. These people believe I should just buckle down, get a decent job and start saving for retirement. I just cannot do that - I won't accept that.
Since leaving university the first time on 1998 I have endured long bouts of unemployment and crappy, unfulfilling jobs - soul-crushing jobs in some cases. I got into my current job because it looked like a great jump point into better employment. In turn, I could use that employment to pay down my student loans and return to school. But here I am still making a pittance without so much as a real person contacting me for an interview. I have good references, especially from the company I am with and the contract that they have me at. So why no calls?
I haven't a clue why I cannot get ahead here, except that it is the way it goes with me and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. It is where I am from. I am geographically at home here, but I just can't catch the break I am looking for here. So I am moving on, as many of you know. I tried to make it work but it just won't happen. Hard to plan for a retirement that may never happen when you are constantly trying to make ends meet.
As I said earlier, I am bored. Finals are over and the students are gone. Profs are off. Facilities has a tonne of work to do, but I am just watching the clock trying hard to stay motivated so I don't end up getting caught with my pants down. How could anyone do this for the rest of their lives? It took a while for me to figure things out for myself. I may end up having to work past the age of 65, but the way things are shaping up most of my generation probably will anyway. So why not shift gears and find a place where I can ride it out doing something I enjoy, something I am good at?

Democratic Race in Brief

Democrats in Pennsylvannia took one step closer to electing John McCain as president by handing Hilary Clinton the primary in that state. Clinton, who recently threatened to totally obliterate Iran if they attack Israel, is the opponent of choice for the McCain camp. I remain unconvinced about Barack Obama, as I generally mistrust anyone who seeks power these days. However, Obama probably has the best chances against McCain.


Blogger Geosomin said...

I think steak and scallops would work better than lobster...it's really hard to cook without being stringy...

But now I want a lime pie.
Dammit you...I cannot resist the pie...

23 April, 2008 11:31  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

I want some lime and kidney pie! Mmm mmm, yummy! Mwehyehehehe!

23 April, 2008 17:02  
Blogger Magnus said...

Steak with lime as a flavour in some sort of a pie would rock. Maybe steak, lime, cilantro, caramelized onions, garlic and spinach in a filo pastry?
Man, we must be scaring the the hell out of the vegetarians. Oh well, may as well go all the way and make it veal then. ;)

23 April, 2008 18:32  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Well, I am actually a vegetarian. But I guess there is no scaring you with my outlandish mutations of your exotic foods, lol!

23 April, 2008 21:43  
Blogger Magnus said...

There's a cure for vegetarianism now. You need not suffer any longer. Just remember to consult your doctor lest it turn into veganism.

23 April, 2008 23:11  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Naw, I will never become a vegan!!! Never.

I love cheese way way way way too much, If I could, I would eat cheese with every meal. I almost do! That is probably how I gained ten pounds since I came back to Montreal (I was 140, and now I am 150).

24 April, 2008 00:54  
Blogger Magnus said...

This comes from my Mum:

"I just read about the above recipe on your Blog. What I would suggest: Bake the top crust on top of tinfoil which has parchment paper on top of it. Bake at a high heat watching closely so it
doesn't burn. Remove from oven. When Steak and your sauce or gravy are almost cooked, add in the lobster pieces, cover with crust and return to oven for no more than 4 or 5 minutes. Lobster
when cut into approximately 1 inch pieces for Thermidore takes only 3 minutes to cook in butter on top of the stove and only goes into the oven with the sauce poured over top and broiler red hot
just long enough to slightly brown.
Sound like an interesting recipe - good luck with it and enjoy!!"

Now excuse me while I go eat some chevre.

24 April, 2008 07:09  
Blogger Geosomin said...

No veal. Sorry.

24 April, 2008 08:21  
Blogger Geosomin said...

But the whole lobster pie thing?
I'm hungry now...

24 April, 2008 08:22  
Blogger Magnus said...

"No veal. Sorry."

And how many fetal pigs have you cut up in your life time?
Yes l'insecte de la mer is a very tasty thing.

24 April, 2008 09:27  
Blogger Geosomin said...

I have cut up one.
Just one.
WAY more lobsters...yum.

25 April, 2008 08:41  
Blogger Magnus said...

Two fetal pigs, a starfish, a frog, a leech and one cat. Gotta love Anatomy class. Or not.

25 April, 2008 09:17  

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