Monday, April 14, 2008

Mao's Monster

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The China Syndrome
"Let a hundred flowers bloom, let the hundred schools of thought contend." - CCP slogan for the Hundred Flowers Campaign, in which dialogue and criticism on the direction of China was encouraged in order to root out persecute and silence dissenters..

According to 24hrs, one of their columnists, Bill Tieleman, received three death threats after criticizing China's track record on human rights in his column. I don't make a point of reading 24hrs all that often, so I didn't read the offending column for myself until just now. Tieleman calls for a boycott China altogether citing their treatment of dissidents inside China, their efforts to isolate and bully Taiwan, how they engage in intimidation of any organization that might be able to help Taiwan, (even on a largely non-political level) and their persistent and unrelenting efforts to quash Tibet. For this he received three emails all originating from the same account within China telling him, "I must kill you and your family."
I blame Mao Zedong and his crackpot, dehumanizing domination of China. I think through programmes like the Hundred Flowers Campaign, Destruction of the Four Olds, and the Cultural Revolution the Cult of Mao has given way to a Cult of China. (in the near future we might be able to throw Ba rong ba chi into that list) Mao sought to quash dissent and critical thought. That Chinese people can stand by and support a country as horrifically unjust as China is sign of just how successful his programmes were to that end. (if not any other end) That Chinese people living in Canada can be so blindly patriotic to a country like China - in the midst of everything that they have here - is downright scary.
I stand by Tieleman's call for a boycott. It is time for us to put aside the concerns about trade and keeping China happy and just simply say, "no more." China represents the undoing of everything good that has been achieved in the West. China has embraced the very worst of Communism and the very worst of Capitalism to meld them into something quite reprehensible: Fascism. It has been said that China is the future, and from where I stand that future is looking remarkably bleak.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And nobody cares...

15 April, 2008 15:04  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Well, I, for one care, Mr. Troll.

By the way, Magnus, thanks for posting this. I hope you will come out with more stuff like this. As soon as I get a bit of free time, I am going to link to it. (Hopefully this weekend). MIchael Turton might even be extremely interested in that article you were talking about.

18 April, 2008 12:40  

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