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The Telephone Blues

I am getting ready to move in a month's time. As such I am trying to organise my belongings, see people, and figure out what to do once I get to Saskatoon. SaskTel still holds the monopoly on phone service in Saskatchewan, so I have to transfer my phone with Bell over to them. They have a deal with one another for these sorts of occasions, though I gather it is Bell who is the one used to gaining the customers and not the other way around. My first hic-up is that I do not have a credit card (student loans) and have had to get my Dad's help in that area. I have no idea how I will swing this in Saskatchewan. Frankly, I have never really wanted a credit card, but c'est la vie...
It also appears that I may have to get a new phone as SaskTell uses GSM (the same card as Rogers and Fido) while Bell and Telus use CDMA. My preference is for Nokia or Sony Ericsson and I will not use Motorola or any phone from Korea - they rate the worst for radiation and toxic components. However, Nokia and Sony Ericsson seem like a non-existent entities in Saskatchewan. I am wondering what I do with my current phone in that case. Seems like a waste that I cannot just convert my phone over to GSM. I was thinking that maybe I should just get a prepaid phone for June and then look into some sort of a bundle including internet for when I get my own place. Je ne sais pas...

Get with the Programme

I was recently trying to figure out what degree I am going to focus on. I figure I can come out of the University of Saskatchewan with a double BA in History and Art. I had thought about getting an honours degree in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) with another BA in Art. Apparently the programmes aren't compatible. When I decided to return to school get my degrees and then get my teaching certificate, I had decided to focus in on Art as my primary objective. However, I saw the CMRS programme at the UofS and was struck by how good it looked. In fact, the CMRS programme at the UofS is exactly what I was looking for back when I was looking at universities in the 90's. However, only the Universities of Toronto and Calgary were evr spoken of when I was looking for Medieval Studies in Canada.
To be an Art teacher or a History teacher? More to the point, which one would I rather pursue as a Masters degree? Put that way, I think an honours degree Art is the way to go for me. History is a back up. History is what I want to teach if I can't get an Art gig. Fact is, teaching is going to allow me to pursue art so it makes sense. I love history and am passionate about it, but at my age I am looking at what I can do past the mandatory retirement age. I was talking to a man who is with the SFU education department and he sort of helped me to make up my mind. He's a working artist as well as a teacher and just getting his feedback helped to give me some perspective.

Money (That's What I Want)

My Dad, who worries quite a bit about this move, has been trying to convince me to stay in Vancouver until the end of June. As it stands, I will have less money than I thought. Certain costs just jump out at you and I am putting away $100.00 less than I had set out to put away. It is tempting to stay the extra month - it would certainly be fiscally prudent. But then the Old Man has always been overly concerned with numbers and that concern has always paralyzed him in many respects. He's missed out on a lot of opportunities because of his fears. I'm not a gambler by any means, but I am willing to take risks he won't.
Staying here another month gives me a respectable whack of change to take to Saskatchewan. However, I have to think about competition for apartments and getting a job. I figure I should be able to land a job quickly and will keep my eyes peeled for better opportunities as they come along. I also plan to use the Employment services at the university to help me along. Landing a job quickly should allow me to sit on my money and not have to worry as much about dipping into it.
I figure I can make it on what I will be taking - I made it in Montreal with quite a bit less. However, if any of you wanna take up a collection on my behalf I am not going to turn my nose up at it...


Anonymous Geosomin said...

We've got rogers and telus out here too...just a thought. Sasktel has better coverage, but your phone might be OK.

You could always look for jobs before you move out if you need to delay a bit...checking the paper and work sites. Most places will do a phone interview here. Honestly, you're welcome whenever you come out. We'll be here :) In all honesty...I'm thinking of hitting you up for help painting the living room (J sucks at painting). Honestly we're not expecting much, just your smiling mug...a bit for food and phone. It's cool to think it's almost June.

02 May, 2008 19:44  

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