Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wild Horses Trampled Sister Morphine on the Moonlight Mile, Or How I Need a New Job and a Holiday to Go Along With It.

CD in Play: The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers

This morning, I feel the way Sticky Fingers sounds. Much of that has to do with a current bout of insomnia, but some of it has to do with job fatigue. The job fatigue has to do with not having a had a holiday of any substantial sort since 2002. I had four days off last February to hang out with Geosomin and J. They were a fine four days, but it was only four days.
I'm tired. If you can recall the song sung by Madeline Khan (as Lilly von Schtup) in Blazing Saddles, that is me. At least in tone and pace, if not entirely in content and sentiments. The only bonus of my current assignment is that I have Internet access at work. But I am tired of playing the answer man for people too lazy or too stupid to work things out for themselves. The Beatles may wanna hold your hand, but I do not.
I really have nothing to say and this post is here more the sake of posting something. Oh well, here's to better days.


Blogger Trent said...

You've been with thousands of men
Again and again
They promise the moon
They're always coming and going
And going and coming
And always too soon...

16 January, 2008 12:50  
Blogger Trent said...

Oh come on, you can't say you didn't see that coming (heh, he said coming, heh heh. Yeah), even with trying to mitigate it....

16 January, 2008 13:03  
Blogger Magnus said...

A pox upon your member and blight upon your soul.

16 January, 2008 15:03  
Blogger Geosomin said...


I hope things get better for you.
Maybe they'll put something in the water that will suddenly make the students think for themselves and be respectful...what am I saying? *I* want that here too :)

Take a holiday...even if you sit around in your Dad's back yard sipping scotch and reading the whole time. Oh and put some fruit and cheese and sushi in there to ofor good measure.
Seriously. Time off is it do it do it.
Don't make me come and visit you again to make you take time off! :)
(I almost have enough airmiles for 1's taking so long...)

17 January, 2008 08:11  
Blogger Magnus said...

I dare you and J to come back!

17 January, 2008 16:36  

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