Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 - Things I want to see happen and things I want to see go away

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Things I Want to See Happen

1. A new job for me. A new job means a new start and the possibility to get on with my life. As it is, I barely make enough to get by. Of course some of the doubts about my current situation are fuelled by my Dad, who is absolutely paranoid and obsessed with financial security. Moving to Saskatchewan with an unsure possibility of a job when getting there is something that scares the hell out of my Dad. Definite steps, secure steps. But maybe he is right, maybe I should wait. But I cannot wait much longer. I need something to happen soon.

2. To be in Saskatchewan by no later than the December of this year.

3. The Conservatives to end up with another minority. I do not trust Stephen Harper and a minority government at least keeps him and his party somewhat in check. Stevie doesn't play well with others, perhaps another minority might force him to become a bit more flexible?
I also do not trust or like Stéphane Dion. He's a weakling: just another foul smelling left over from the previous Liberal era. The only way I might have been able to see my way to supporting the Liberals would have been with a Bob Rae victory as leader. Rae was the only leadership candidate who could have taken on Harper and his new Conservatives. Clearly the new Conservatives felt the same way, hence their campaign to discredit Rae at the Liberal convention.
What about Jack Layton? What about him? I think he's an idiot, an elitist and a great example of how the NDP has lost touch with its working class roots. He's a white collar, lower case "l" liberal who seems a little to in love with himself. Layton seemed focused in the beginning but quickly lost his way and became the exact sort of person that drove me away from the NDP in the first place. What the NDP needs are men like Broadbent, Barrett and Douglas at the helm. Strong men of conviction and character with the moral fibre to stand up for the little guy.
As for the Green Party, their leader does not elicit confidence and neither do many of the people who have run as its candidates locally.

4. I want to see PJ Harvey play in Vancouver before I leave.

Things I Want to See Go Away

1. Spitting. I am sick and tired of all the spitting. Show up at the bus stop and it is covered in the gob of all the people who waited there before you. I just don't get it. People say it is because they smoke, so they need to spit. Yet many ex-smokers contest this. When I was in high school people spat, but they spat out into the street or in the bushes. One thing was to see how far you could spit. But today, you get people standing around spitting at their own feet. If I have to spit, I look for a garbage can or a storm drain, some place where people aren't.

2. Hip-hop "culture". It's old and tired and repetitive. Time for a change.

3. George Bush and Dick Chenney. Pervez Musharraf. Gordon Campbell.

4. Libertarianism.

5. Pot "Culture", and drug cultures in general.


Blogger Geosomin said...

Hurry up and come out here :)

04 January, 2008 13:12  
Blogger Magnus said...

I is trying - of course you could reply to that email asking questions about Saskatoon...

04 January, 2008 13:43  

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