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Thoughts on Benazir Bhutto's Assassination

I have been trying to post on this for a few days now, but have been unable to figure out exactly what I want to say about former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto is not an easy person to account for. She was a controversial figure in many respects with allegations of classicism, possible aid and military support for the Taliban in its early days and unresolved charges of corruption against her and her husband. Yet she did try to modernize Pakistan and elevate (though unsuccessfully) the status of women in that country. She did manage to effectively end Feudalism in her country, putting her in conflict with Punjabi landlords directly affected by here policies.
Whatever can be said about the life of Benazir Bhutto, I believe her death is a disaster for Pakistan. Already tremendously unstable, Pakistan seems ready to implode into a civil war which will certainly have consequences felt the World over. Regardless of who actually assassinated Ms. Bhutto, Pervez Musharraf should be worried as this is one of the worst possible things that could have happened to him. In real world chess the white queen may be dead, but is the black king in any less jeopardy?

Winning Ideas

I plan to leave British Columbia, as most of you know, and move to Saskatchewan where I want to finish my education and get my Teaching degree. All I need is the money. Saskatchewan is also going through a bit of a boom right now, so there are opportunities for the those with the imagination. One thing a I gathered from Geosomin and here husband when they were out here in the February of this year, is that Saskatoon is dying for culinary hot spots.
My usual ideas centre around Asian style noodle shops, tempura stands - stuff that works in Vancouver with its heavy Asian influences, population and access to a great variety of produce and goods. Seafood is not a winner in Saskatchewan, something I learned from many of the Saskatchewanites I know who seem to mistrust any fish that wasn't caught in freshwater. (let alone a prawn or a clam) Stuff that I take for granted as normal is still completely alien to people in many parts of this country.
Geo and J were quite taken with my favourite downtown pub, The Irish Heather and a place called Salt. If I had the money I would try to start a first class Irish/English style gastro-pub in Saskatoon. A place for a pint and a wee dram and a hearty meal of shepherds pie, bangers and mash, corned beef and cabbage or lamb shank stew. Serve food produced locally - quality, locally made sausages, local produce, dairy, etc. From what I have gathered, Saskatoon really has nothing like this, so maybe the time has come.
Saskatchewan is booming so the usual effects of a boom should go along with it, growth in all areas including culture and cuisine. I have my plans, but if I had the money... who knows? Maybe some entrepreneur with vision may want to pick up on this?


Anonymous Gavin said...

As I said to you in person, it's not totally convincing that Musharaff isn't involved in Bhutto's murder.

01 January, 2008 16:34  
Blogger Magnus said...

I agree. I do not believe it was an accident and remain unconvinced that this was the work of al-Qaeda. Musharraf may not have ordered the assassination, but I am convinced he he willingly turned a blind eye to it.

02 January, 2008 08:56  
Blogger Geosomin said...

"Seafood is not a winner in Saskatchewan, something I learned from many of the Saskatchewanites I know who seem to mistrust any fish that wasn't caught in freshwater"
It's not so much the freshwater's that by the time most fish gets out here it's frostbitten or stale and just doesn't taste the same. The freshly caught local stuff is the only thing around here (that isn't obcenely expensive) that tastes good.

I say more bubble tea for everyone!

04 January, 2008 13:11  
Blogger Magnus said...

What do people from Saskatchewan call themselves. Easterners have taken to calling us BCers, and it is catching on but I hate it. I'm a British Columbian.
I know Trent and some others - like J - are leary about seafood and salt water fish. The taste is different. The bar I have for judging Saskatchewan fish is a bit low, admitedly. BBC served crap and the Pilgrim's fish was the worse thing they served.
As for bubble tea, that may be the most boundary transcending beverage to ever hit the face of the planet after tea and coffee. And water...

04 January, 2008 13:49  

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