Saturday, November 17, 2007

Winter of Discontent

CD in Play: Neurosis, Times of Grace

It is quite amazing to me how many people seem to be having tough times this Autumn. As we head towards winter I have to wonder if it is going to get better at any point? I have my many dramas in play: a neurotic, unstable landlady - a campaign at work by one set of students to get rid of me because I actually do my job well - one vague complaint against me because I'm not a mollycoddling, sunshine and lollipops kind of guy apparently hurt someone's feeling because I politely but firmly had asked that person if they were authorised to use the computer they were on - one outright false complaint against me - not to mention the continued frustration and foiling of my dreams and aspirations because of my need for a better paying job. At least management is standing behind me on this. My Dad is also going through some trying times at work and my Mum has some long standing health concerns standing in her way.
Then there are friends and the friends of friends going through their own tough times. My friend Maria (wife of the occasionally mentioned Gavin) tells me that many people she knows are going through tough times financially, emotionally and health-wise. Geosomin is currently on strike out at the University of Saskatchewan and now has the Ratbag Opportunistic Free Enterprise Slimeball Party in power. (aka The Saskatchewan Party - and if you voted for them you should have learned from Ontario, Alberta and BC's examples) Pete's wife isn't in dire straits, but she has to watch herself through this pregnancy. Elijah and Miriam have had some infant troubles as their son was born with some complications that are slowly working themselves out.
However, one thing that really hit me was seeing one friend's little brother of the street tonight. I have known him a long time and he has mental health issues and a problem with crystal meth. It looked as though he might have made it past the addiction, but I saw him today and that is not the case. He was coming out of a used CD place. I recognised him instantly, despite the fact that he was incredibly emaciated and out of it. Slack-jawed with unfocused eyes and red flushed narrow face, I saw him limp and trudge down the streets on stick legs. He didn't see me and maybe that was a good thing, I am not sure what would say to him or him to me. I called my friend but got his mother, staying at his place for a while. I called my friend and feel bad for having to bare such bad news. He was aware of the problem, but has been avoiding seeing him given his current circumstances. Something I understand. I often wonder if this is sort of what songwriters Bobby Scott, Bob Russell and The Hollies had in mind with the song "He ain't heavy, he's my brother"?
Yes, there is something about the end of this year. 2007 started off so well, but now I cannot wait to see the back of it. I imagine there many others who feel the same.


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