Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Love You. I Hate You... Oh Just Leave Me Alone!

CD in Play: Various, Dub Chill Out.

The title has nothing to do with this post. Really. Honestwy and Twuwy. No, seriously.

The Lower Mainland (and the islands, but I don't live there) was hit by a wind storm that satarted Sunday evening and died out sometime the next afternoon. The power was on when I got home so I wasn't worried. I love trees, really I do, but one fell on the lines in my area and we were out of power at 9:45pm. I was watching a particularly gripping episode of Intelligence on CBC when it happened. Now I have no clue how the episode ended - and no one I know watches the show. (and if you are thinking "He should have taped it" give yourself a smack from me)
Anyhow, my suite has a sump pump as there is a drainage problem. The pump was set up last year to activate when the power was out. First stage sensor just activated the pump with no alarm. If the first sensor didn't activate the second senor, higher up, gave and audible alarm to let yo know there is a problem. Last night the alarm was going off when the water hit the first sensor, about every 10 minutes. My landlady was going to babysit the sump pump and I was going to sleep for my shift in the morning. (I get up at around 5:45am each morning)
About twenty minutes later my landlady knocks on my door to let me know she is going to drive out to see what is going on and how for the outage goes. She adds that she'll pay for any time I miss from work and is out the door. I didn't register that at first and keep an eye on the pump. After twenty minutes I go and talk to the cop redirecting traffic and get the scoop from him - this could take a while to fix. I call my landlady and realise she was intent on sticking me with the sump pump all night while she went someplace to get cosy and relax. I loathe this woman and cannot wait to find another place to live - which has been a bit of a hassle in and of itself. She hasn't worked now for about eight years and seems to have forgotten that people depend on you to do your job - and that includes being there. The guy I relieve in the morning is a really good person and I would hate to have stuck him at work for an extra six to eight hours. Not to mention, I have been getting great evaluations and my ability to show up consistantly on time plays no small role in that.
I need a new job. a new place: a new lease on life. Please?

11.14.07 Addendum

I should add that after last year's storm, she was determined to have the drainage fixed in her yard and make the sump pump redundant. This didn't happen. According to my landlady, the contracts were refusing to work in her yard - a line I didn't buy. She's a terrible liar and has a number of tells, like a twitching, shifting eyes and this mouth thing she does. Her voice also develops a quavering qualitiy.
According to my neighbours, she is too cheap and can't find a contractor to meet her price. This has been going on for years. She has temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way - like stomping around and moving furniture at 5am, which she did this morning.
Sadly, my hunt for another place has yielded little better. Many people do not want tenants who cook.


Anonymous geosomin said...

Come walk the picket line with me.

Seriously tho...that sucks.
I hope you can get out of there soon...

13 November, 2007 21:38  
Blogger Magnus said...

In checking the schedule and talking to some of the others - the graveyard guy would have been stuck here for 16 hours indeed. That would have screwed us over as I do not believe he is obligated under labour BC laws to work his midnoght shift. And if he were, can you think of a better way to make new enemies at work?

14 November, 2007 09:04  
Blogger Geosomin said...

How can someone want a tenant and not expect them to cook?
Do they want an android or someone who can afford takeout all the time?
That is just wierd...

15 November, 2007 07:40  
Blogger Magnus said...

Yeah, I went to see one place and the guy had a full kitchen there. Nice place for $550 a month. But he didn't want anyone cooking. I told him drop $200 a month off the rent and he has a deal.
Called about five places where they had stipulated no cooking. I don't smoke, have kids or pets, do drugs, not a real drinker and usually drink what little I do consume away from home, don't bring home hookers or own firearms, am bonded and not on welfare or EI.
The current landlady stated to me that she never thougt a white guy would cook so much, let alone with garlic. Three of the above "no cookers" were Chinese, so what does that tell you about her stereotypes?

15 November, 2007 09:05  

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