Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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Taking a bit of a break from Ian Rankin's Rebus series. Just finished A Question of Blood so I have Fleshmarket Close (very happy that Canada gets the UK version of titles) and The Naming of the Dead left to go and I have caught up. One of the reasons for the break is that I have begun feeling that I need to be caught up, so the reading has taken on a task like quality. I think I may need to re-read A Question of Blood, just to read it with a fresh mind.
I have taken up P.D. James' The Children of Men, having seen the film and been quite keen on it. The book and the film are different in many respects, but so far I am can't say that the liberties that the director, Alfonso Cuarón, took with James' work are entirely unwarrented. Science Fiction is always in danger of dating itself, especially when its speculations delve into the immediate future. The film has the benefirt of time, however, and given time it may not seem so relevant as today. (the same cannot be said for Network, for instance, a film that just seems to be as relevant toay as it was in 1976) The film is its own animal and I think comparisson between the two is unwarrented, since both works are accomplished in their own ways. (though I am still reading the novel)
I was a bit put off by James' novel at first. Theo (whom is a year younger than myself) is an upper middle class individual, too casually divorced from others and the world he lives in. The last generation of Britons are a bit too... well, a bit too literary to be believable. The Theo of the film is much more believable and much easier to relate to. We'll see how it progresses and I will give my full opinion once I have finished.
I have also read the graphic novel for Batman: The Long Halloween, which concerns the person of Harvey Dent, the origins of Two-Face and the demise of organised crime in Gotham. (crime not related to freaks like Two-Face and The Joker) Not bad at all, and obviously it will have had some imact on the script for the upcoming Batman film by Chris Nolan. I also continue to read the excellent Ex-Machina series, which is worth your while if you appreciate the comic book medium. Not for the children, by the way.


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