Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Geek Mythology

CD in Play: Wilco, Sky Blue Sky

I have had a reoccuring dream ever since the age of 11, back in 1981, about my classmates and I becoming the embodiment of the Greek Gods. I was living in Mission, BC at the time and had always been fascinated by Greek mythology. I still recall the dream in both conscious and unconscious states to this day. Some of the classmates remain in tact, others become hazy. In the dream I always assume the role of Prometheus, always at odds with my classmates who revel in their apparent godhood. I suppose I should have paid closer attention to the dream as a kid. C'est la vie...


Blogger Trent said...

Don't know if the title was intentional or not, but I love it. It sounds like a Dougy Copeland book in the making....

19 June, 2007 15:39  
Blogger Magnus said...

It was deliberate.

19 June, 2007 16:31  
Anonymous Gavin said...

You need to meet Father Kosta Kaltsides. He's an Orthodox priest who loves to tell stories about Ancient Greece.

19 June, 2007 21:54  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Don't imitate / emulate Douglas Coupland. I hate Douglas Coupland. Okay, don't get me going. Seriously. Ugh.
I'd rather hear Magnus, read Magnus, etc.

22 June, 2007 12:33  
Blogger Magnus said...

Down boy, down. If it helps I have only read one and a half books by Copeland. (Though I have been meaning to read Gen X and Microserfs)

22 June, 2007 14:11  

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