Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Facebook's Popularity Explained?

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I was thinking about the whole Facebook phenomena and I think I may have latched onto something. Facebook is a surrogate social life. News outlets are always on about how Canadians are working more and have less time to spend with family and friends. Facebook is a way of spending time with your social circle without actually spending time with them. Hell, Pete Chattaway pokes me constantly on Facebook so his presence is a constant factor in my life these days and I maybe see Pete twice a month.
I prefer Blogger as a means of communication since it requires time and thought, but I don't have internet at home at the moment and blogging ain't easy at my place of work. Facebook is. Aside from Facebook addicts who spend oodles of time obsessively pouring over that system, Facebook is easy to use in quick bursts throughout the day. Maybe if people had more time to themselves and were still able to stay afloat financially, Facebook might not be such the phenomena it is at this time?


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

I'm not sure about it necessarily being a surrogate life, Magnus. Maybe it is a complementary life. Just yesterday, I say one of my Facebook friends person-to-person. I knew her already, and I introduced her to Sharon I know her from when I was living in Montreal 3 years ago.

It was a pleasant experience. We were surprised we hadn't known the other was working in Taiwan for two years.

06 June, 2007 21:03  
Blogger Geosomin said...

Curse you...I just set up a facebook thingy.
I have no idea if it worked...
I feel comewhat cheapened somehow.
Oh with both feet.

11 June, 2007 20:38  

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