Sunday, June 03, 2007

Crackbook, Surely

CD in Play: Andy Summers and Robert Fripp, I Advance Masked

I started a Facebook account. It is kind of like Myspace but it looks better and isn't choked up with web-ho's and spambots. Amber Hark was the first person I know to call it Crackbook and it truly is. Less cumbersome than email, easier to work on than a blog (especially at work) : Facebook is growing and many of the people who use it are hooked. I will walk by a computer lab at work and see at least 80% of the students on-line on Facebook. Every single co-worker I have has an account and they check it periodically throughout the day.
When people stated their fears of how the internet could become virtual life, maintaining relationships online rather than in person, those fears were never more fully realised than on Facebook. Some of it is self-deception: people collecting as many "friends" as possible so they can say they have competitively collected x number of "friends". For me it has been a good way to track people down with whom I had lost touch. Amber and Alex Hark were two such people and, apparently, they had recently been wondering what became of me too.
Still, crackbook it is and as I write this I realise that I have been away from it for far too long... excuse me.


Anonymous trent said...

Crackbook doesn't really sing as a term for Facebook.

Crackberry works for Blackberry, because the internal rhyme scheme is the same.

Wait until you get a Macbook Pro; then the Crackbook term'll work.

04 June, 2007 10:09  
Blogger Geosomin said...

I'm tempted to sign up but the way everyone I know goes on about's wierding me out. I am leery of the whole thing...whenever I feel that I have to like something, instinctively I'm nervous.
If one more person asks me "You mean you haven't been hooked on Facebook yet?" I will gouge out my eyes with a spoon. (yes this has literally happened to me over 10 times...kida creepy)

That being really does look like a simple way to keep in touch with people and short and easy to I'll probably end up going there soon enough.

Just not right now...just got home from my loverly holiday with 2 fabulous concerts and I don't have enough time to update my blag let alone set up a whole new doohicke

04 June, 2007 13:41  
Blogger Magnus said...

It is handy, in someways handier than email.

04 June, 2007 16:19  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Actually, I like Facebook at lot, too.

It is more stripped down, austere, professional, and hawkishly no-nonsense than Myspace. Myspace is ugly.

It is so effective for finding old high school acquaintances. And it is so much easier to maintain than slow ad-ridden/spam ridden, bug ridden email accounts, and similar problems that arise with blogger.

It is much more effect to write on your site what you are doing or send out an invitation or post a picture, etc. than to do all this stuff on MSN or Gtalk, etc.

Facebook likely won't replace MSN or blogger. It will however, take people's time away from these other sites or utilities and perhaps uphold people's faith in the idea of simplicity, beauty and utility, over gimmicky, ugly eyesores like MySpace.

I find you can be more exclusive on Facebook, too. You don't need to be in competition to have the most friends, but simply work to find all the people you have had meaningful connections with at any time and build a kind of collection social base. I wouldn't be surprised if political systems might be threatened or find themselves swept away from some underground social network that takes over. Okay, you might get what I'm saying. I wish I could be articulate at this moment!

06 June, 2007 11:31  
Blogger Magnus said...

Has Facebook highjacked Thoth Harris' account? Hmmmm...
Unlike Myspace, Facebook doesn't feel sleazy. It isn't chalk full of ads or, as I mentioned before, web-ho's and spambots. Only thing Myspace is good for is bands.

06 June, 2007 13:19  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Haha, I know, I sounded like an advertisement. Actually, I have read other people who referred to it as crackbook, so Trent's vote might actually lose out.

The novelty will wear down, I'm sure. But I just love having a thing that has the bare minimum of ads.

The ads that are on Facebook could be useful. Like the sole adline at the time of the "home" function will direct you to marketplace. I once clicked on that and it showed me ads for apartments for rent in Montreal. How convenient... On the other hand, I am not quite the demographic they want, because the apartments are a little to expensive for me.

Haha. I love Trent's term Crackberry!

06 June, 2007 13:33  

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