Friday, July 06, 2007

"If you survive, please come again!"

CD in Play: DJ Cheb I Sabbah, Shri Durga

To hear a sound bite of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon click here.
As some readers will no doubt be aware, I have been to the Coquitlam "Kwik-E-Mart" with Pete Chattaway just this Wednesday. Pete has posted photos on his flickr account and has a video of me at his blog discussing why that particular 7-Eleven - of all the 7-Eleven's in this country - was selected to become Canada's only Kwik-E-Mart.
My friend Elijah Bak used to live within a ten minute (at most) walk from this store and he, like me, had also worked for 7-Eleven in his late teens and covered at least one shift there. I had said on the video that Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam do not have a Springfield vs. Shelbyville thing going on. This is true. Both cities work fairly co-operatively together and share services extensively. In a way both cities compliment each other to make the whole Springfield comparison valid. Coquitlam is the sprawling suburb with no city centre and Port Coquitlam is the small city with a downtown, town square, city hall, etc.
They were out of Buzz Cola and Krusty-O's (do they come with a sharp metal piece?) but had Homer doughnuts (should that be d'oh-nuts?) and "squishees". The doughnuts came with 1/4 inch thick pink frosting and sprinkles. My Mum reads my blog and attest to the fact that I was never that keen on doughnuts. My preference for doughnuts, if they are serving them, has always been plain. However, I have to say that these doughnuts were pretty good and by the many arms of Vishnu, may I never eat another one again. Eating one I couldn't help but make Homerish eating sounds, or resist the urge to talk with my mouth full of one.
It ws a fun experience, even if it makes us consumer whores, that would have been perfect had Trent Ernst, Geosomin, Pete's siblings (and yes, I admit, Darin Clisby) been there too.


Anonymous Gavin said...

I've have to tell Maria and my brother-in-law.

08 July, 2007 18:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh gawd!!!! you've done it again!
You've stuffed one of those hideous
pink things in your mouth!!!
You'll never learn - will you?

Your special angel.

12 July, 2007 23:53  
Blogger Magnus said...


13 July, 2007 08:57  

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