Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bad Smells and Family Values

CD in Play: The Police, Ghost in the Machine.

The malodorous Mephitis mephitis

I swear North Delta is infested with skunks. Five blocks to the east in Surrey, I saw skunks but seldom smelled their passage. Since moving over to North Delta I have had to endure the smell of skunks at least once or twice a week. I can't sleep without an open window. but I also can't sleep when some nervous skunk with a hair trigger anus sprays the neighbour's dog. I need to talk to my landlord, perhaps she could contact the municipality to trap and relocate? One benefit of skunks is that they eat insects and rodents, so they keep their populations down. Then again, since there are so many in one area that means an abundant source of food...

And speaking of bad smells...

... I am always amazed at the idiocy of some "Family Values" types. They prattle or rage on about the sanctity of the family, deadbeat parents, permissive parents, about how film, televison and music are corrupting todays youth. Yet their politico-economic positions are never held to the sort of scrutiny that they should be.
Maybe if people were valued as workers doing jobs that need to be done, valued in spite of their level of education, paid a wage or a salary that they are able to feed, clothe and support a family on - maybe then we'd see an improvement in the "family situation" in North America. Maybe if people were paid decently enough they would only have to work 32 hours a week, maybe they would actually have the time to spend with their families? Maybe, I know it isn't a guarentee, but could it hurt to try?
Maybe higher wages aren't economically sound, but should that which is economically sound hold such sway over our society?


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