Wednesday, February 01, 2006

blog, lazy, yada-yada, etc, ad infintum

Current attire: Jeans. white socks, old Soundgarden (and see this link *) t-shirt from the Superunknown tour.

Current mood: Enthusiatic and hopeful, so be surprised.

Current music: Shitmix Deluxe, a mixed CD by Elijah Bak made at my request before I had moved to Montreal. Been obsessing over the Metallica covers of "Breadfan" and "The Prince". Other songs I have been listening to are PJ Harvey's "The Wicked Tongue", Blur's "Music is My Radar", Charles Mingus "The Fables of Faubus", King Missle's "Martin Scorcese" and "Detachable Penis", Fairport Convention's "A Sailor's Life", Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized", (the original) and Elvis Costello's "Beyond Belief". However, it has been "The Prince" that I have been especially obsessing over.

Current interests: See post above. Medieval History and warfare, once more. My camera and of course painting - I just need money and space.

Current book: Warlords, and overview of Medieval warfare and key military figures from Europe like Jan Žižka, Bertrand de Guesclin and Vlad Dracula.

Current irritation: Eczema, a family curse from the Irish side. I avoided the bad teeth only to get bad skin.

Current refreshment: Nothing, though I am dreaming of a taro root smoothie with pearls. *slobber* (so I couldn't find a slobbering link)

Current worry: Weight. My fault, I need to exercise more.

Current ideas: If I get some bakery experience, I caould pick up a job at a logging/mining camp which would allow me to pay down my student loans significantly. I just have to convice a bakery to take me on. Elijah and Miriam both suggested that I take tutoring, which looks as though it will happen. My Dad's girlfriend's thirteen year old daughter is having some difficulties in school, so it is falling to me to tutor her. I also need to look at volunteering at local high schools so i can get some time in with the grade level I want to teach. (Grades 12 and 11)


Anonymous tammy-cat said...

Mmmmm, taro bubble tea. Just tried one this weekend. Finally! I did the artificial one but Rob had to try the real one. I remember you told me to avoid the real taro stuff - good suggestion!

08 February, 2006 01:14  

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