Saturday, November 12, 2005

You know those albums you buy...

CD in Play: Slint, Spiderland

... and listen to for a day or so and promptly put away? For some reason you were consumed to buy the album, but for another reason you no longer desire it so much now that you have it. Then you have other albums that you buy and can't get enough of, no matter how much you listen to them. Elliott Smith's Either/Or is the later type of album for me. Melancholy with hooky pop sensibilities, I haven't been able to leave Either/Or off a player for more than two days without listening to at least a few songs since buying it a few months ago. "Cupid's Trick", "Speed Trials", "Alameda" and "Rose Parade" seem to be the ones I gravitate to the most along with "Pictures of You".
I just dug out Slint's Spiderland. Spiderland is the former category of album. I rushed out and bought it after a while of putting it off and then proceeded to never listen to it. I listened to their first album, Tweez, off and on and I listen to the two song, self-titled ep almost compulsively - but just ignored Spiderland for some odd unconscious reason. Nonetheless, I spent the entire day alternating between Smith and Slint today. Spiderland isn't the sheer genius that many people have claimed it to be, but the tracks "Breadcrumb Trail", "Good Morning Captain" and especially "Nosferatu Man" make for great listening.
Listening to Slint today made want to time travel back the late 80's and start all over again - or at least play similar kinds of music today.


Blogger Magnus said...

Forgot to mention this, but the album's extremely sparse liner notes included a bit about auditioning female singers. Spiderland was Slint's swansong as a band.

14 November, 2005 17:58  

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